Episode 267: Toki Tori

What do birds and falling blocks have in common? They’re both perfect for puzzles! Well, that and they also have the ability to manipulate the flow of time. Learn all about it in this week’s episode! Featuring Kevin, of Jump Start Weekly fame.

2:45 Special Guest Kevin has been playing Baten Kaitos.

6:15 Zach has been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, Mech Warrior Online and World of Warships.

16:15 Tyler has been playing Breath of the Wild, Tales of Berseria and Celeste.

21:15 Geremy has been playing Kingdom Hearts III and Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

44:00 The Assignment: Toki Tori

50:00 Bird Ranking

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