Phase 13: Beard of Mutiny Prevention

Suddenly, 2-3 ZAFT ships show up and wreck stuff! In this week’s episode, some real times happen, and some people die. It’s intense and generally just great stuff. There’s also some teenage drama llama-ing, nice interplay within the varying factions, and some sweet atmospheric reentry (or just entry[?] in the case of the Archangel?).

Jump Start Weekly: Episode Zero

Because he is insane and thinks he has way more free time than he actually does, Geremy is starting a brand new podcast with sometimes guest of Last Time on Video Games and It’s a Gundam!: Kevin! The two are planning to read Weekly Shonen Jump every single week and talk about the stories within. Plus, every week they’re reading a collected volume of another Manga series. Want to learn about their history with manga and why they thought this was a good idea? Then listen to the zero episode, available right here, right now.

Phase 12: Shady Employment Practices

One thing this show is good at is making politics interesting. Even SEED's remarkable prowess fails, however, when all it has to work with is bureaucracy. It even did this to itself! The Archangel is docked, and the Case of the Kidnapped Orb Kids is finally handled. How? By pretending they were conscripted! Convenient! Apparently coerced child soldiering is a problem, but voluntarily doing that is fine. Also, Flay is joining the space arm? I wonder if she ever does anything useful in that capacity. (Spoilers: No)

Episode 236: Red Faction

There’s always something wrong with Mars. Whether its the lack of air, the demons, the poor work conditions, or just being sought after by Elon Musk, the red planet always means trouble. And usually means first person shooters as well. If you want to fight for a better mars, join the Red Faction. Just don’t be surprised when it all goes bad in the sequel.

Phase 11: A Knee to the Buster

A wild Kevin appears! Go, Athrun! Use Teenage Angst!

In this episode Kira gets court martialed, which goes about as well as you’d expect. Flay picks up additional levels in… Bard? Rogue? Something manipulative, because she starts doing more of that. Natarl gets to seem competent, and Mu gets to seem incompetent, though not necessarily all at the same time. Also, sweet space fights and some of Kira’s trademarked improvisational fighting!

Episode 215: Ecco 2: The Tides of Time

Evolution is a beautiful thing, but the things it produces are not always beautiful. Finally, we get a game that answers the age old question": “Why are bugs?” Also, sweet jelly-dolphins? Travel through time on an epic quest to un-BttF yourself as Ecco (who gets to meet his own kids) and defeat the Vortex (who are their own kids?) once and for all!

Phase 10: Dang It, Mu La Flaga: The Guy I Hate!

We made it 10 episodes in, and finally, we hit an episode that's all kill no filla.  Instead of talking about a super old movie, Geremy mentions he's watching the now old Iron Blooded Orphans, which he never finished, and how everyone in the cast seems to have taken a level in rogue.  Except Flay who just takes a level in rogue.  Plus, a panty shot, and more arguments about the morality of hostage taking!  Maybe I should have lead with that.  Also, we announce our contest winners!  Don't miss it!

Phase 09: Ignoring Our Mission is What we Do

It's on to episode 9 of It's a Gundam and things are heating up.  We talk about the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens, showing just how long ago we actually recorded this podcast, and then ultra pragmatist Zach and anime eyed idealist Geremy argue hostage ethics for 20 minutes.  Who will survive?  Listen to find out!

Episode 234: Yoshi's Island

Oh no!  Baby Mario has fallen from his stork, and can't get up!  It's up to a team of egg throwing dinosaurs to escort this fresh human right out of his own egg back home!  But the evil forces of Magikoopa and Baby Bowser stand in their way.  Not to mention a raven on the moon!  Can our dinosaur friends get Mario home safely?  Or will Luigi have to become the hero we deserve?  Listen and find out!

Episode 232: Warcraft III

Wasn't this site supposed to be for a video game podcast?  Last Time on Video Games makes its triumphant return, with the precursor to the biggest MMO of all time, Warcraft III.  It's got heroes and creeps galore!  Can the Last Time guys guide Orc Jesus to stop the invasion of The Legion?  Or will totally reasonable hero Arthus fall to the scourge and conquer all of the World of.... Azeroth? Aslo featured: More wood than you can handle.