Jump Start Weekly 11/10/2018 Sailor Moon Vol 1.

Hey guys.  We are in week two of Shoujo month, but this week we are tackling something that Geremy and I have some experience with.  We also have to deal with an awkward recording setup with the loss of a table. Hopefully it’ll be fixed next week. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Jump Start Weekly 11/3/2018 Cipher Vol 1.

Hey guys. This week we start our month of Shoujo manga. We kick it off with a classic and try not to fall asleep, which has nothing to do with the manga just the fact that neither of us got very much sleep the previous night. But for now on with the romance. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Phase 15: Promise Birdies

War. War is filled with coffee. And that never changes, even in space! We return to Earth, and begin to deal with the most important subject in human history: teenage relationship drama! Cagalli’s back, Sai’s angsting, Flay’s… being a weirdo and kinda creepy. Also, we get some sweet melee combat, and Kira’s continued use of improvised moves. No Natural could do that sweet flying knee!

Jump Start Weekly 10/27/2018 My Hero Academia Vol 1.

We’ve got a fun episode for you guys this week. We get attacked by a dog, which caused a lot of cuts. Kevin’s pop filter was not working great, and I apologize for that. And the new mixer is taking some getting used to. But this week we get to take on My Hero Academia. The manga that really got this podcast started. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Episode 240: Twisted Metal Black

A more serious note than usual here, we got a new mixer for this podcast and made some mistakes in using it. The audio quality is significantly lower than normal, especially for the first couple of minutes. It gets better after that, but never goes away entirely. If you have sensitive ears, we recommend listening without headphones.

Episode 223: Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Ah the 90s. A time of good old fashion fun, baggy jeans, pouches, extreme sports, and for some reason, people not being sure whether or not Star Wars can make money. Spoilers. It can. It can make so much money. Even on the Nintendo 64, long before the Solo film, there were the adventures of Dash Rendar. These are his stories.

Jump Start Weekly 10/13/2018 One Piece Vol 1.

On this weeks episode of Jump Start Weekly we talk about the October 8th issue of Shonen Jump, this time with Geremy having a better idea of what’s going on. We then talk about Vol 1. of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, a story we are still reading about in the current Shonen Jump. Plus we have a new short segment. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Phase 14: Universal Cheesecake License

Frankly, one of the better contrivances I’ve seen for a clip episodes: the main character is having a fever-induced flashback sequence! Also, the supporting cast is reminiscing or something, I guess. We also get to see the origin of Coordinators, and learn the story of George “Good At Everything” Glenn! More importantly, though, we get an introduction to the most important character in the series: DaCosta!

Jump Start Weekly 10/6/2018: Dragon Ball Vol.1

It’s the first official episode of Jump Start Weekly! We talk about the ten stories in the October First 2018 issue of shonen jump, including many of which Geremy has never read before. Then we talk about Vol. 1 of Akira Toriyama’s classic Dragon Ball and… try not to feel too awkward about it. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Phase 13: Beard of Mutiny Prevention

Suddenly, 2-3 ZAFT ships show up and wreck stuff! In this week’s episode, some real times happen, and some people die. It’s intense and generally just great stuff. There’s also some teenage drama llama-ing, nice interplay within the varying factions, and some sweet atmospheric reentry (or just entry[?] in the case of the Archangel?).

Jump Start Weekly: Episode Zero

Because he is insane and thinks he has way more free time than he actually does, Geremy is starting a brand new podcast with sometimes guest of Last Time on Video Games and It’s a Gundam!: Kevin! The two are planning to read Weekly Shonen Jump every single week and talk about the stories within. Plus, every week they’re reading a collected volume of another Manga series. Want to learn about their history with manga and why they thought this was a good idea? Then listen to the zero episode, available right here, right now.

Phase 12: Shady Employment Practices

One thing this show is good at is making politics interesting. Even SEED's remarkable prowess fails, however, when all it has to work with is bureaucracy. It even did this to itself! The Archangel is docked, and the Case of the Kidnapped Orb Kids is finally handled. How? By pretending they were conscripted! Convenient! Apparently coerced child soldiering is a problem, but voluntarily doing that is fine. Also, Flay is joining the space arm? I wonder if she ever does anything useful in that capacity. (Spoilers: No)

Episode 236: Red Faction

There’s always something wrong with Mars. Whether its the lack of air, the demons, the poor work conditions, or just being sought after by Elon Musk, the red planet always means trouble. And usually means first person shooters as well. If you want to fight for a better mars, join the Red Faction. Just don’t be surprised when it all goes bad in the sequel.

Phase 11: A Knee to the Buster

A wild Kevin appears! Go, Athrun! Use Teenage Angst!

In this episode Kira gets court martialed, which goes about as well as you’d expect. Flay picks up additional levels in… Bard? Rogue? Something manipulative, because she starts doing more of that. Natarl gets to seem competent, and Mu gets to seem incompetent, though not necessarily all at the same time. Also, sweet space fights and some of Kira’s trademarked improvisational fighting!