Episode 1: Welcome to ActRaiser [ActRaiser]

Hey, folks! It's the first episode, wherein we try to get this show going. Sadly, ActRaiser did not give us much to work with, so there's a bit of fluff. That said, the show notes are at the bottom of this post. Also, I've got an embedded player on this post, in addition to a download link, so choose your poison.

Remarkably useless spells and downloads!

Show Notes

(0:30) What is this podcast and what is it about?

(2:26) Who are the hosts?

(5:00) ActRaiser!

(8:32) The Enemies of ActRaiser (Besides Itself)

(10:00) We try to remember the individual levels of ActRaiser, we talk about the Bosses instead.

(11:16) We discuss the Simulation game within ActRaiser

(13:15) Why the boss fights in ActRaiser suck.

(15:10) We talk about Castlevania instead. We played it prior to ActRaiser, but didn’t record an episode, though both of us gave it very high marks.

(16:25) We play god on playing God, and try to figure out a way to improve ActRaiser.

(20:30) ActRaising Powerups.

(22:30) Your Angel Sidekick.

(25:10) Satan Vs. Dracula

(26:00) Concluding thoughts.

Next week, we play Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis, and see if the Blue Blur fares better than God.,,,
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