Episode 146: [Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD]

Time to do some sick tricks and catch some gnar!  Come with us as we follow one skating celebrity and a bunch of people that no one outside of the community has ever heard of (and a mystical bum!) on a journey to... collect stuff around places that are oddly devoid of life.  Now that I think on it, does this game take place in a dystopian future where you're so bored without human contact that you contrive a ton of ridiculously complicated skating scenarios for yourself?  Probably not.  Also, we played Overwatch this week; can you tell?

Madonna, Benihana, it's Impossible to download.

Show Notes

(00:45) Yeah, that was pretty 90s.

(04:00) Turrets still suck, but at least the AI will help you up now.

(06:00) Why is the original always the best?

(11:30) Xenoverse does have amusing cutscenes, so that's something, I guess.

(16:30) ICE WALLS!

(18:00) Reinhardt and Mercy.

(20:30) Overwatch shenanigans.  It's pretty polished.  Unlike some other games?

(25:40) This Reaper skin.

(29:15) Apparently only 150 hours; must be a casual.

(31:45) Yes, Nintendo, that was a joke.

(34:30) Even the theme reminds of Lupin.

(38:00) The Lupin III board game has instructions in both English and Italian; just the pieces are Italian.

(40:00) Luffy bounces but he don't fall down!  Bones are seriously overrated anyway.

(51:30) 720 rank grind!

(56:45) Settling the score.

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario Land 2!

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Episode 58: Auto Mercenaries?! Why Are There Auto Mercenaries? [Vigilante 8]

Are you feelin' groovy, man? I think you will be once you feel my rocket. And my mortar. Attached to my sports car.

The only thing more valuable than oil in a dystopian 70s world is this download!

(01:00) Speaking of referential humor.

(03:00) HMM3: the Necropolis maneuver.

(06:00) Minecraft mod showcase: Ancient Warfare!  Also, future cities.  Not quite what I meant, but it's definitely a stupid bear and bird.

(10:30) Zach's LoL booster pack adventures.

(16:30) Geremy's recent RPG of the tabletop variety: Shonen Final Burst!

(19:10) ACIV upgrade mechanics.  Also, the end game is a bit... lackluster.

(25:30) FFX-X2 remaster.  Just look at that cover.

(29:50) Vigilante 8!  It's explosive!  Dat intro.

(39:00) Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer: Is single player necessary for all games?

(41:30) Final thought round up.  All woman!

Next time on Last Time, it's Ninja Gaiden!

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Let's Play Vigalante 8

Dear Last Time on Video Games listeners.
As we move forward into history, it is important that we do not ignore growing technology.  The Last Time on Video Games message should not just be limited to audio, but as technology grows, broadcast in whatever way we can.
It is for this reason, and totally not that Geremy got an expensive capture card, that we bring you our first video, the LTOVG crew playing our latest assignment, Vigilante 8.  This is our first video, and so the editing and audio balance are just a little off.  However, we hope you enjoy, and plan on releasing more videos for out future Multiplayer assignments.  And remember to check out our full, normal episode on Vigilante 8 when it hits tomorrow!