Episode 145: Smell Ya Later! [Pokémon RBY]

It's not uncommon to want to excel at your chosen field, and maybe even to be the very best. Perhaps you want to catch and train some things in a manner no one has attempted before. Of course, in order to take a true measure of your talent, you might have to travel, and, in fact, search for rivals and tools. Ultimately, though, to prove your mastery, you will have to become formidable with each tool of your trade: portable monstrosities.

Can you just download copies of Pokémon, or are they DRM protected?

Show Notes

(03:30) Suddenly evil!

(05:30) Stop squiddin' around, Stairfax!

(07:45) We didn't start the fire, that guy did.

(10:00) Yes, Kojima, we've all read books.

(12:00) Hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm.

(13:15) At least one of us is going to play a lot of this game soon.

(17:00) This game is rated very well on a number of scoring systems.

(24:40) Japan is cool with cute.

(25:30) Golduck is such a BAMF, unlike that chubby rat.

(28:30) Why are psychic weak to bugs?  Mind == blown.

(31:30) We all like shorts.

(35:00) Bugs are trash, Aaron.  Maybe he got stuck in a forest.

(38:30) Speaking of trash Pokémon.  Also, can we all agree that Mr. Mime is just super creepy?

(43:00) Golbat dance!

(50:00) No bags of holding.

(57:00) Elite 4 difficulty cliff.  Poor Nuzlockers.

(1:02:00) Platinum and GSC had excellent post game.

(1:05:00) Gotta rank 'em all!

Next time on Last Time, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (HD?!)!

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Episode 144: Do a Meme-O-Roll! [Star Fox 64]

Words cannot describe the feeling of shooting a giant floating brain's eye out of the air while taking advice from your ghost father through an interstellar comms system.  Mostly because that's really bizarre.  Take revengeance on all those guys who stole your trademarked company name, and help all the Star citizens return to the rightful place of peace and... exiling scientists?  To other planets?

Use to boost to get download!

Show Notes

(01:00) This marks Alex's 5th episode (6 including Sonic), meaning she's appeared on over 3% of them!

(03:30) Thanks, Ryan!

(04:00) Splash!

(05:50) Both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are getting phone games.  The Layton excursion was pretty decent, though not very Layton.

(06:30) 20XX! It's so good.  If you like Mega Man X, play this game.  Despite what's said here, boss powers are pretty useful, and there are weaknesses to exploit.  Tyler beat the game for the first time because of this since recording.

(07:30) Anime?!

(09:00) In case you forgot about other Rogue-likes, Rogue Legacy is still great.  And so is the music.

(11:00) Never heard a Mega Man X boss intro?

(14:00) Some of us watch CGP Grey.

(18:30) Coffee and Cthulhu.

(21:00) Know how to farm friendship.

(24:00) In case you're wondering what Geremy's opinion about Star Fox Zero is.

(26:00) Sweet gift bags?

(28:00) Ryan got one of these.

(30:30) That's not a thing.

(33:00) Always be chargin'.

(35:00) Terrible pilots, or alter-verse nomenclature?  You decide!


(55:00) For the curious, it turns out Golden Axe came out 4 years after the first Gauntlet.  Also, rankings!

(58:00) Watch us shoot cars?

Next time on Last Time, something awesome this way comes!

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Episode 126: They Don't Make Axes Like They Used To [Golden Axe]

An arcade classic and early port for the Genesis, Golden Axe is considered one of the best games on the system. Hack, slash, toss potions of ultimate(-ish) power, and ride some cool lizards! Also, you can play as the sexy... dwarf! Man, that beard. Cross the hazardous landscapes of giant animals' backs with us!

You need 4 potions to use the full download.

Show Notes

(03:30) Alex shares her thoughts on New Leaf.  Kapp'n's great!  Too bad you are forced to rule these rubes.

(13:30) We did GO Bank!  Finally!

(14:30) People really whined about Crimefest this year, but a surprising number of people enjoyed it.

(18:30) Silly translations.

(22:00) Geremy talking about MGS V online.

(25:30) Deadlock.  Hint: we don't think the Genesis wins.

(26:40) Diving into Golden Axe.  We start with potions.

(28:00) Standard beat 'em up problems: enemy hitboxes are wonky (both hitting you and being hit), mobility is limited, gameplay is colorful but mechanically shallow.

(35:00) Running the ladder.

Next time on Last Time, Gley Lancer!

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Episode 123: Snowbroding [1080° Snowboarding]

Sick tricks pick up the chicks, brodawg! Even if that's not your preference; if that's the case, avoid doing tricks, I guess? Get ready for intense downhill racing, oddly specific landing timing, and a mechanic that really makes more sense in F-Zero than it does here. I suppose breaking your leg would usually end a snowboard race, though. At any rate, this game lives fondly in the memories of people who had N64s as kids, so let's see how it holds up!

Indie noseload!

Show Notes

(02:30) Alex and Tyler did an escape room.  It was fun!

(18:00) JRPG combat mechanic tweaks.

(22:00) Battletech Kickstarter!

(25:00) Geremy's thoughts on Persona 3's last segment.

(30:00) 1080 degrees of spinning!  Also, you can die n' stuff while snowboard which kinda sucks.

(37:00) This game's hook is tricks.  They're surprisingly lame.

(41:00) Some analysis of this game's impact and final thoughts.

(44:00) Ranking this game!

Next time on Last Time, Ristar!

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Bonus Episode 2: Animal Crossing

This week we have a bit of a change of form with what I like to call "The LTOVG Guest Host-apalooza!"  +Katie Smith and +Alex Tift are on the mics with the usual hosts for this episodes, and it's fairly raucous.  This is a bonus episode, so the quality of the audio is less than normal; Geremy did what he could to salvage it.

Shake shake... A download fell out of that tree!

(00:40) An introduction to Katie!  That other game she plays is this!  Also, she's making an edutainment game of some awesomeness: Adventure Girls.

(05:40) Zach leads off our recent games list.  Bolas!  Alex plays some games?  Odin Sphere!  Odette is creepy...

(13:00) Educational games!  A.D.A.M. is apparently a series.  Oregon Trail is in your Interwebz.  SimAnt is a pretty cool game.  Zoombinis and pizza.  Fantastic Contraption and its sequel allow you to create a ton of different machines to solve problems.

(25:00) ActRaiser was mentioned.  Just sayin'.

(26:30) Animal Crossing!  You may have questionable origins.  Kirin is god... thing.  It's mentioned in this show.

(35:00) How you make money in these games.

(39:30) Tarantulas.  Seriously?

(43:45) Fuzzy Pickles!

(49:30) Tyler's totally wrong.  Maybe Morrowind?

(51:30) Humans are gluttons and will play all the games if possible.

(54:30) Rover!

Next time on Last Time, Pokemon Snap!

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Episode 10: You Take the High Road, and I'll Shoot the Lasers [Gunstar Heroes]

It's full of lights and sounds and craziness!  Gunstar Heroes is a crazy anime styled action shooter that probably belongs in an arcade box.  This game has gotten a lot of praise for being a forgotten gem for the Genesis.  Is it really worth its weight in cartridges?  (That's one cartridge)

Download for Justice!

(00:30) Alex is here.  Yay!

(1:50) What we've been playing.  Alex watched what Tyler played.  Geremy played the same stuff.  Notice a pattern?  Later we find that he's actually been playing everything ever.

(3:10) Ducktales!  Woo-oo!

(4:50) Naruto: The Subtitles Continue

(6:30) We finally get to the game and break down what's going on here.  We start with the powerup system!

(8:10) Alex explains the excuse plot

(10:20) Life leeching

(12:20) My eyes!  This game has crazy amounts on the screen at a time.

(14:00) Level rundown time

(17:20) Have we mentioned that the optimal strategy is homing laser?  I CONTROL GRAVITY!

(18:45) Curry and Rice

(21:20) Transformers, more annoying than meets the eye

(22:55) Gradius!  Again.  Wait...

(27:00) Style against Depth

(31:15) Nostalgia lens, watching games, and difficulty cliffs for non-gamers.

(38:30) Wrapping up on our thoughts about Gunstar

(41:10) After the credits.  You guys know there's an after the credits?  This one's awesome.

Next week, we tackle Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.  We have a different guest host, and talk about strategies!

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