Andrew Waltfeld

Phase 18: Water Baron of Yogurt Town

What’s the best sauce for doner kebab? Batarang! In this episode we get dueling condiments, philosophical rambling from Mr. Burnsides, and a submission to the System’s Funniest Home Videos! Also featured: Dress Up Cagalli! Despite not being action-y, this one’s pretty great, and contains one of the best shirts in existence.

Phase 16: Love Punch

This episode sees the return of Cagalli! Again! We also get Mu about to become James Bond, Kira being angsty and fighty about being angsty, and Flay being… well, Flay. In case it’s not clear, we love Flay Lannister. Also, some tacto-babble with the Desert Dawn sets us up for the next episode as Andrew “Folgers” Waltfeld reluctantly takes arms. Emotions are high even as the Archangel is grounded!

Phase 15: Promise Birdies

War. War is filled with coffee. And that never changes, even in space! We return to Earth, and begin to deal with the most important subject in human history: teenage relationship drama! Cagalli’s back, Sai’s angsting, Flay’s… being a weirdo and kinda creepy. Also, we get some sweet melee combat, and Kira’s continued use of improvised moves. No Natural could do that sweet flying knee!

Phase 14: Universal Cheesecake License

Frankly, one of the better contrivances I’ve seen for a clip episodes: the main character is having a fever-induced flashback sequence! Also, the supporting cast is reminiscing or something, I guess. We also get to see the origin of Coordinators, and learn the story of George “Good At Everything” Glenn! More importantly, though, we get an introduction to the most important character in the series: DaCosta!