Episode 176: Bubbling Through Your Own Shield [Bubble Bobble & Space Invaders]

What do side-scrolling aliens and bubble-spewing dragosaurs have in common?  No one's really sure, but there must be something, because the same company made games about both and this episode is about both, too.  Illuminati confirmed!  Also... triangle ships, I guess?  Anyway, evidence abounds, just as we'll be rebounding off of various obstacles on our quest to turn our space ship back into a real boy.

If you bubble the download right as it flies past, you get 5000 LTOVG points!

Show Notes

(01:30) Mildly NSFW, Charisma Potion.  It's pretty good.

(03:30) Duel Links: Tyler tested, Geremy disapproved.

(13:00) Ignoring the "hinges on lack of ditto" thing, it's a pretty good theory.

(19:30) Keep it klassy, Kombat.

(29:30) Because the people who made this show were dorks.

(32:30) Invading the ranks.

(40:00) Taito: And now for something completely different.

(45:45) I dunno, this doesn't sound like I'm fighting to redeem my humanity.

(47:00) Bust-A-Move is definitely the match 3 game we were thinking about.  Also, ranking the Bubbs and the Bobbs.

Next time on Last Time, Metal Marines, the lost episode returned!

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Episode 150: Can We Stop Testing Our Might? [Mortal Kombat 2]

In what will become a stunning example of divergent character evolution, we now see a remarkable cast of fighters on display. Such remarkable combatants as red ninja, yellow ninja, green ninja, blue girl, and pink girl. Can anyone withstand the awesome force of Triple Ghost Fireball?

Color swapping gives you new downloads!

Next time on Last Time, StarCraft!

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Episode 138: Archduke of Brawlers [King of Fighers '94]

How do you prove who the best fighter in the world is?  Arbitrarily group them by country and make them compete in teams of three!  Arguably, team "Terry and Andy are brothers and stuff" is probably going to win, but team "Ryu clones" has a fighting chance.  Sadly, King might have been better off tending bar.  Charge your super moves and punch your way to enlightenment with us!


Show Notes

(01:30) C'thulhumon!

(03:30) Cowboy Bebop is great!  And from the late 90s!  Doesn't explain their laser discs, though.  Outlaw Star is pretty good, too.

(06:45) Bravely Second in April, kids!

(09:30) Speaking of Metal Gears.

(17:00) XCOM 2!  These assholes...


(32:30) Who says you can't use a potato masher as a melee weapon?

(34:00) Which of us is the megalomaniac?

(35:30) Post-war economic miracles are great.

(38:00) Venom review! All caps? You decide!

(40:30) Heavy D! and friends.

(44:45) KoF XIV is, sadly, no longer gorgeous pixel art.

(51:00) Power RANKING!

(55:00) POWER STONE!  It's reminiscent of Ehrgeiz.

Next time on Last Time, Final Fantasy 6!

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Episode 109: In the Days Before the Mushroom Kingdom [Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.]

A POW block would have been extremely useful in dealing with the ENDLESS BARREL RAMPAGE of one Donkey Kong senior.  Additionally, death hammers would have been useful in clearing out Brooklyn's sewers once the brothers Mario found that homicidal turtles and crabs had infested.  I'm surprised there were no rats, though...  They eventually got Mouser, so that almost counts.  Join us on a trip back to some of the red-hatted plumber's first games!

This download really hit the turtle on the head.

Show Notes

(02:00) Robert gives that a.. Big No!

(05:40) All aboard the Kingdom Hearts hype train!

(09:00) Fire Emblem time!

(30:00) Hearthstone Adventures!  I might play that game if it existed.

(30:30) Infinite Crisis is dying on August 14th, 2015.

(34:30) Everyone's favorite carpenter, Mario!  Also, his gorilla nemesis, Donkey Kong, not to be confused with other giant gorillas.  Thanks, John Kirby!

(40:00) The Donkey Kong world record is insane.  As in, indicative of a mental disorder on the part of the holder.

(42:45) Plumbing never had so many turtles!

(46:30) The POW block and our problems with it as a "powerup" in this game.

(49:00) This Mech Warrior "cabinet" looks awesome.

(50:00) Ranking time!  The Return of Samus is up first, followed by Link's Alarm Clock.

Next time on Last Time, Joan of Arc's diary! Also, Age of Empires 2.

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Episode 106: Maximum Appreciation [Fighting Street]

Show us your fighting spirit!  This week we discuss a game that hasn't yet been cloned by its original creators in an independent development effort, now with 20% fewer shoryukens!

QCF, QCF, download!

Show Notes

(03:15) Should really be the Nappa Force.

(06:45) Geremy gives his (apparently uncommon) problems on Chroma Squad.

(17:45) Yooka-Laylee!

(20:00) Konami woes.

(28:30) Quicksilver, the first anthology of the Baroque Cycle, is pretty sweet.

(31:30) Fighting Street!  Such game!

(42:30) Rankings, brodawg!  Renegade for life provides the Ignition Factor to engage in some Elevator Action.

Next time on Last Time, The Secret of Monkey Island!  I don't see anything strange about it.

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Episode 104: The Most Boring Possible Death [Mortal Kombat]

This week, we're talking about some competitive game scenes, and they're not Mortal Kombat!  There's a smattering of 3DS related fun, and plenty of LoL, because of course there is.  Can you survive the frosty snub of not being invited to a ninja's garden party?  No?  Then GET OVER HERE!


Show Notes

(02:00) Despite what Tyler said, Jormungandr is considered an ouroboros.

(03:00) The Dex is pretty amusing.  Seriously, that cry mimic is hilarious.

(05:30) Apparently aMSa is coming for the Smash title.  Again.  Yoshiyoshi!  Fighting game announcers are still ridiculous.

(07:00) All sorts of competitive game problems recently.

(09:45) New Street Pass games if you hadn't heard.

(11:30) Reddit has a sub for everything.  Gotta go fast!

(15:45) Hearthstone adventures!

(26:45) MORTAL KOMBAT!  It... kinda sucks.  Newer MK entries definitely did better by adding character variety.

(37:00) Terrible news, everyone!  A Pac-Man movie with Adam Sandler!

(37:45) The rankings continue!  Pac-Man, its successor, Dig Dug, and Mega Man 3 all get added to the list.

Next time on Last Time, Half-Life!  Silence is golden.

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Episode 102: When Are We Going To Get Crazy Uber? [Crazy Taxi]

Get ready for some craaaazy fares!  Seriously, these people will pay ridiculous amounts for 30 seconds of driving.  Of course, at the speeds you're going, it'd likely take them at least 15 minutes to walk there.  So, the question become whether $50 is worth 15 minutes of their time.  Though, if they're letting these homicidal drivers take them anywhere, probably not, so... poor impulse control?

You only have 10 seconds to get to our next download!

Show Notes

(05:00) Civ V adventures!

(15:00) Reassembly!  Turns out that tactical nuke Tyler wanted exists in one of the factions.

(18:00) Into the Gloom is an ambient horror survival; it's aesthetically similar to Dare to Dream.

(19:15) Steam allows people to watch you play.  So, like Twitch, but with fewer people.

(21:00) Everyone is John sound hilariously amusing.

(27:00) After defaulting on your loans, you should Bravely Second.

(33:00) So... Crazy Taxi.  It's definitely got controls.  We proclaim it "fairly amusing".

(41:00) Back to rankings!

Next time on Last Time, Kirby's Dream Land!  Sadly, it doesn't suck.

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Episode 82: Fightin' Ufoes [Galaga and Asteroids]

Once again tackling two arcade titles, we now venture into space!  Apparently, all ships in videogame space are triangular to improve their aerodynamics.  While that doesn't help you fly through space, maybe it lets people hear you scream better?  I suppose if your exhaust is funneled behind you...  At any rate, come break rocks into smaller rocks and shoot endless hordes of space bugs with us!

Our download breaks into pieces then carries itself off.

Show Notes

(01:30) For the interested, 8-bit Crazy Train and 8-bit Ghostbusters.

(02:10) Not that it's a surprise, but the Super Sm4sh demo is fun, and the full version comes out tomorrow as of this post.  Hadouken!  It's a bit awkward on the 3DS, leaving us to think the Wii U is the better platform for it.

(06:50) Hyrule Warriors is out, apparently.

(9:30) Mojang has been sold for 2.5 billion U.S.D..  Fear the oncoming Minecraft 2.  Speaking of which, Minetest is the opensource C++ clone.

(18:00) We discuss how Microsoft is likely going to monetize Minecraft.

(26:20) League of Legends championship!

(33:00) Asteroids lets you fight rocks and ufoes!  While fun, the sounds are a bit distracting.

(38:00) Galaga's pretty fun, kids!

Next time on Last Time, we kick of Mobile Month with Super Mario Land!

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Episode 80: Elevators As a Lethal Weapon [Elevator Action]

Super spies are cool, and so are elevators! Somehow, though, these concepts are not peanut butter and chocolate, for they blend somewhat confusingly. You can, however, crush your foes, which is amusing. You'd really think this guy would have a better escape plan than "take the elevator".

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to download this episode.

Show Notes

(01:30) Sailor Moon, the best hero!

(07:30) Back to the League.

(11:30) The Street Pass add-on games for the 3DS are pretty awesome.  Sadly, no one carries their 3DS on them.

(15:20) Super Sm4sh Bros. is out soon.  By the time of publishing this, the demo is available for everyone!

(23:00) DoS: Hitting a server so much that it can't serve requests reliably.  DDoS: Doing that with a ton of computers.  Lesson: The secret to being a hacker is to be rich!

(25:00) There's both Galactic Civilization III and Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth.

(27:20) Duck, D-Jump, Dive, D-shoot-the-enemy-spies, and Duck!

(31:00) Consensus: It's a little boring.  Some powerups or different enemy types would help this immensely.

(37:00) Gone Home sounds pretty cool.  Also, The Walking Dead is fun.

Next time on Last Time, Legend of Kage!

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Episode 73: Maze Munchies [Pac-Man & Dig Dug]

Travel with us back to the magical land of the early 1980s.  Gaze upon the flocks of people standing at arcade machines.  See there!  A yellow disc is consuming small white pellets while being pursued by specters.  And there!  A... smurf?  Is inflating dragons until they explode?  I don't even...  Well, at least one of these was an arcade classic; we'll let you decided which.

The trick to getting the download is to wait until the last second to inflate the power pellet.

(00:45) Abusing editorial powers.

(01:15) Payday 2 is a fun game.

(05:30) The Elite Four and a Spiritomb.

(08:00) Yomi, the fighting game card game.

(11:00) League news.

(14:00) Geremy's learning things at Smogon.

(20:25) Playing games for score.  Stairfax!

(27:00) Gluttony: the game.

(30:30) Ghost behaviors.

(36:00) Dig Dug's a game about digging.  And Dugging.

(38:00) Pac-Man as tag.

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man 3!

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Episode 67: Cool Boat, Bros [Hydro Thunder]

We return with another arcade racing favorite, this one being of substantially higher quality than the last! Splash through crazy courses - some of which really shouldn't have water running through them - and boost your way to victory over hidden shortcuts. It's vaguely futuristic and implausible boat fun!

Download this episode: now with hover jets!

Next time on Last Time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!

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Episode 66: Round Two! What Happened to Round One? Fight! [Street Fighter II]

The classic that brought popularity to a genre, now, with faster hadouken movement! Watch in amazement as a single combo will do over half your health, while you're just trying to dragon punch someone. Will Street Fighter survive this final fight?


(01:30) Now the FTL podcast.  I don't think anyone can really complain.

(08:30) The Doop drop technique.  We'll post a video of that sometime.

(09:45) Geremy's been having horrible luck with league this week.

(13:45) Gratuitous Space Battles is pretty neat and you should at least check it out.

(15:45) Our first fighting games.

(18:00) The original Street Fighter doesn't look nearly as bad as I expected.

(22:00) 3D vs. 2D and the problem of positioning.  Whether simplicity is better in this case.

(26:20) Parry is great.  This parry is greatest.

(36:00) That thing we were talking about with Wolverine.

Next Time on Last Time, Hydro Thunder!

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Episode 54: Watch Out For That Space Tree [Space Harrier]

Flying through space with the BFG from Doom sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, vegetation just doesn't seem threatening enough to bother shooting, but you'll probably regret not doing so. Also, cyclopic mammoths. Because, you know, space.

Unlike this game's enemies, you can usually see our download.

(02:00) That Legolas is a pretty cool guy.

(03:30) Geremy's Sneaky Pete adventures.

(05:00) The secret to Broadway.

(08:20) Better names for American sports.

(09:00) Counterfeit Monkey allows you to modify the content of the game while playing.

(09:20) Nevermind: the game that freaks you out when you're freaked out.

(11:30) Geremy talks about A Link Between Worlds.  It has item rental, no ammo, and non-deterministic dungeon order.  Due to the rentals, most of the puzzles are simplistic because they can't guarantee which items you'll have.

(21:30) Zelda, Dynasty Warriors style.

(22:30) Potential PS3 games for Geremy to play.

(23:45) Resi 4 is a totally serious game, guys!

(28:00) Zach's LoL adventures.

(31:00) Also, the Wonder Trade challenge.

(33:30) To the Moon.  It's pretty sweet.

(35:00) We talk about the end of Arkham: Origins.  It's... lackluster.  The part with Bane (or Alfred) seems tacked on, especially with the same flashbacks.

(42:50) Zach's verdict on Space Harrier: "It's awful!"  I don't think anyone's disagreeing.

(43:30) Glitch dragon of yore.

(47:00) We try to decide whether we've played a worse game on the show.

Next time on Last Time, it's Perfect Dark!

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Episode 41: We Will Build A Wall [Life Force]

This week, we look at the sequel to one of our (read: Tyler's) favorite games for the show: Life Force!  It's basically Gradius, but not!  Get ready for some fancy flying as we veer up and slightly to the left of a pretty good game and into the territory of what we're actually playing.

I'd take an option that just downloads things for me while I walk around.

(01:30) Sweet new mixer time!  Internet celebrities.

(04:00) Join the hosts (not Tyler) in playing LoL some time!  State of Decay is still awesome.  Pills are super helpful.  Also, I found this, and it's awesome.

(09:30) Another DayZ comparison; maybe Tyler has PTDZD.

(10:20) These flash games are fun.

(14:00) For posterity!  It's an anime-themed fighter.

(17:20) Seriously, don't give these people money.

(18:45) Geremy's 3 gripes with Arkham Origins' combat changes.

(24:00) Detective mode!

(28:00) *Sean Connery voice* Yesh, fluffy...

(32:00) Spoilers(?) for New Horizons.

(36:30) Join Geremy's Fantasy eSports league!

(39:30) Life Force!  It has some arbitrary problems.  It's basically Gradius with cooler bosses and multiplayer.

(46:30) We talked about this one a while ago, but apparently it's applicable to a space shooter?

(50:00) Consequenceless deaths as a teaching tool.  It can also be painful.

Next time on Last Time, it's Tecmo Bowl!

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Episode 37: Master of English, Hahahahaha! [X-Men]

In a world where people mutate to be able to shoot lasers n' stuff somehow, some of those people are dicks. Some of these dicks also happen to be Master of Magnet! Help us disco laser him, X-Chicken!

Welcome to download!

(01:00) Other X-Men games.  Tyler's got a vanilla Minecraft server up constantly; email him if you want in.  Zach's been playing The Bigs 2, an arcade baseball game, which is way cbetter than Bases Loaded.  We talk about Zelda timelines for a bit, so go watch this thing +Edgar Diamond found.

(08:45) We talk about Mass Effect 2 compared to Bioshock for a bit.

(12:00) Pokemon.  Because of course.

(17:30) Hearthstone.  Their landing page says it all.

(23:00) All the goofy things this game says.  Just... this.  There's also a plot, I think.  Xavier seems to like ranting about it, at least.

(30:00) Mutant powers!  All the bosses monologue, which is just great.

(40:00) Between the Japanese and the American version, the Japanese has powerups and is therefore superior.  As an added bonus, this game is up to 6 players.  It's pretty mediocre aside from the camp, though.

(44:00) Wolverine is headmaster.  That explains the wonderful decisions the students regularly make.

Next time on Last Time, Punch-Out!!...!

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