Episode 176: Bubbling Through Your Own Shield [Bubble Bobble & Space Invaders]

What do side-scrolling aliens and bubble-spewing dragosaurs have in common?  No one's really sure, but there must be something, because the same company made games about both and this episode is about both, too.  Illuminati confirmed!  Also... triangle ships, I guess?  Anyway, evidence abounds, just as we'll be rebounding off of various obstacles on our quest to turn our space ship back into a real boy.

If you bubble the download right as it flies past, you get 5000 LTOVG points!

Show Notes

(01:30) Mildly NSFW, Charisma Potion.  It's pretty good.

(03:30) Duel Links: Tyler tested, Geremy disapproved.

(13:00) Ignoring the "hinges on lack of ditto" thing, it's a pretty good theory.

(19:30) Keep it klassy, Kombat.

(29:30) Because the people who made this show were dorks.

(32:30) Invading the ranks.

(40:00) Taito: And now for something completely different.

(45:45) I dunno, this doesn't sound like I'm fighting to redeem my humanity.

(47:00) Bust-A-Move is definitely the match 3 game we were thinking about.  Also, ranking the Bubbs and the Bobbs.

Next time on Last Time, Metal Marines, the lost episode returned!

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Episode 82: Fightin' Ufoes [Galaga and Asteroids]

Once again tackling two arcade titles, we now venture into space!  Apparently, all ships in videogame space are triangular to improve their aerodynamics.  While that doesn't help you fly through space, maybe it lets people hear you scream better?  I suppose if your exhaust is funneled behind you...  At any rate, come break rocks into smaller rocks and shoot endless hordes of space bugs with us!

Our download breaks into pieces then carries itself off.

Show Notes

(01:30) For the interested, 8-bit Crazy Train and 8-bit Ghostbusters.

(02:10) Not that it's a surprise, but the Super Sm4sh demo is fun, and the full version comes out tomorrow as of this post.  Hadouken!  It's a bit awkward on the 3DS, leaving us to think the Wii U is the better platform for it.

(06:50) Hyrule Warriors is out, apparently.

(9:30) Mojang has been sold for 2.5 billion U.S.D..  Fear the oncoming Minecraft 2.  Speaking of which, Minetest is the opensource C++ clone.

(18:00) We discuss how Microsoft is likely going to monetize Minecraft.

(26:20) League of Legends championship!

(33:00) Asteroids lets you fight rocks and ufoes!  While fun, the sounds are a bit distracting.

(38:00) Galaga's pretty fun, kids!

Next time on Last Time, we kick of Mobile Month with Super Mario Land!

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