Episode 212: Bomberman Hero


Bomberman's been called upon to perform his yearly firearms training.  Little does he know, the plot of Star Wars is happening right above, and he's about to get dragged into it.  I'm not sure if he's more Luke or Han in this story, but either way, it's a lot less interesting to watch.  Flail about large, static-angle environs while you attempt to bomb your way to victory.  Just watch out for Bomberman's oldest and most recognizable foe: weird clown spring things?

Episode 71: Bombs Away [Bomberman '93]

What tools do most intergalactic cops use? Bombs, of course! Don't you know anything about law enforcement? Come blow up tons of innocent creatures and abandoned areas with us!

Legend of the explosive download!

(00:40) The jihad jeep tactic in battlefield.

(09:00) Crusader Kings II: Dragons!

(14:00) Mario Kart 8 character differences.

(15:45) Divekick!

(16:40) Rogue Legacy strategies.

(18:40) Geremy's tales of trying to rule Europe.

(19:15) Power Rangers RPM sounds legitimately amazing.  Explosions!

(21:30) Orion: Dino Horde.  I can't recommend it, but it's amusing.

(22:45) Natural Selection 2 is pretty great, but relies on someone on your team not being a dick, which is the downfall of online gaming.

(28:30) Bomberman!  It's a bit bland due to lack of variation, sadly.

(32:00) Powerup rundown.

(35:15) Level end mechanics.  Also, you have endless continues.

Next time on Last Time, it's Final Fantasy IV!

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