Episode 94: Giant Cave Robots [Bonk's Adventure]

While no robots were harmed in the making of this game, lots of dinosaurs were - with the power of the mind! Specifically, the power to locomote one's head at high speeds into said dinosaurs. It's a useful ability to have, especially after having consumed DELICIOUS MEAT, a force so powerful, the earth trembles under your mighty cranium!

Our download's pretty thick headed, so you might have to wait a while.

Show Notes

(06:20) King Arthur?  It's a game?

(10:30) Kinda wrong about the Santa color thing; turns out he was already red n' white for at least 20 years before Coke.

(16:30) Tabula Rasa is pretty tough.  One random guy on Steam makes a good point about it, though.

(19:00) Gnome Chompski, the worst escort mission.

(21:30) Transistor is pretty cool.  Dust was a fun Metroidvania!

(23:00) Who attacks a furry convention?!

(28:00) We played Speed Runners.  It's fun, guys.  Fantasy Life, not so much.

(32:00) Katie Tiedrich comments on Bravely Default in the blog post.

(41:00) Super Robot Wars Z3: the mech game with EVERYONE.

(46:00) Bonk!

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario Kart!  Prepare to clean up the blood from your mangled eyes.

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