Episode 111: Murder Golf [Halo: Combat Evolved]

Fight the Covenant and defend Earth!  Well, all life in the galaxy, really.  At any rate, we've got a wide arsenal and a lot of aliens to shoot.  Also, a lot of other not-marine cyborgs, which is arguably more fun.  Pewpew!

Sticky or bouncy, our download still explodes.

Show Notes

(00:50)  The U.S. military does, in fact, have a giant death pit stadium and a summoner.

(05:55) ZeRo's FG challenge!

(08:00) Tyler makes the mistake of asking Zach how DW8: Empires works.

(13:30) We dive right into Halo.  Turns out we have a LOT to say about this game.

(17:45) Recharging health and 2 weapon combat: Halo started a trend, wethinks.

(21:30) Halo's got a variety of weapons, all of which feel like they have a role.

(29:00) Enemy parade!

(43:00) Vehicles and general locomotion.

(46:30) Single player campaign.  The scope isn't super great, but it's a solid shooter the whole way through with a more than decent excuse plot.  It culminates really well!

Next time on Last Time, Totally Not Breakout (Alleway) and Baseball (not that one) for the Game Boy!

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