Cagalli Yula Athha

Phase 29: Should've Taken a Space Whale

In the aftermath of last episode’s epic battle, everyone’s dealing with the shock and loss. Also Kuzzey’s there. But not everything’s going poorly! New romances are blooming, Mu gets to practice being the impulsive one, and death appears to be only a minor inconvenience!

Phase 24: My Feelings Are This Gun

After some amazing fighter cross-classing, Kira sees the Archangel to Orb, leading to a “surprising” plot twist! Everyone’s pretty tired, even the ZAFT crew, but that’s mostly because Yzak has been dishing sick burns all day. They head off to scheme about how to get some sweet civilian jumpsuits while the Archangel crew negotiate… for their LIVES! And also asylum, I guess.

Phase 23: X Marks the Plot

Teased endlessly by the opening, we finally get some screen time with Athrun and Cagalli interacting! Will the two angst-struck teens be able to survive an entire day alone together? Kira and the Archangel’s crew are determined to find Cagalli, despite Natarl’s strategic objections, and Yzak is getting ready for a command of his own… They grow up so fast.

Phase 18: Water Baron of Yogurt Town

What’s the best sauce for doner kebab? Batarang! In this episode we get dueling condiments, philosophical rambling from Mr. Burnsides, and a submission to the System’s Funniest Home Videos! Also featured: Dress Up Cagalli! Despite not being action-y, this one’s pretty great, and contains one of the best shirts in existence.