Episode 189: I Wish This Was FF6 [Golden Sun]

When the world needs a hero, it looks to the JRPG protagonist: stolid, inoffensive, generally teenaged.  Throw in some magic spirits that can be swapped during combat to summon giant monsters, and a sprawling overworld, and you've got yourself a solid game.  Will Isaac save the world?  Will our narrators quit out of boredom before that happens?

2 Earth djinn and 2 Internet djinn make a Download class.

Show Notes

(02:00) Zach’s only human, so he’s playing Mass Effect Andromeda

(21:00) Shovel Knight, Available on Steam with all DLC included for free!  Also every console.

(22:30) Team Four Star Does Dragon Ball Super.

(24:00) Dragon Ball Super!  If you only watch one episode, Geremy highly recommends this one.

(26:00) The assignment, Golden Sun.

(34:00) All About Random Battles

(49:00) Here’s our episode on the superlative Final Fantasy VI since we’re comparing them so much.

(55:00) It's Ranking Time!

NOTE: A quick correction here.  Zach played the wrong game, so we're not doing Fantasy Zone 2 next week.

Next time on Last Time, Mighty Bomb Jack!

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Episode 162: Peasantly Plum [Mario Gold]

What does a lowly serf have to do in the Mushroom Kingdom to earn some prestige?  Why, participate in the Mario Open, of course!  As it turns out, Mario used to be a pretty good golfer when he was a baby.  Pick, and choose, the best club for a Nice On! and compete against such notable Mario golfers as Frank and Gene Yuss.  Putter on over to the nearest course and rough it up!

Hole in download!

Show Notes

(02:30) This movie is as stupid as it sounds.

(07:00) MGO is just silly.

(10:00) Pixelmon's looking really good.

(15:00) Barbarians!

(20:00) Oh, Yo-Kai.  It does look pretty Pokemon.

(21:00) Squall vs. Cloud: Angst Fight!

(24:00) 605 km, or 376 miles, for Dragonite from Dratini.

(27:00) Can you run into other people?

(30:00) On the list of characters, Charlie was apparently the real name of Larry.

(41:00) Ranked under par.

Next time on Last Time, Rondo of Blood!

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Episode 93: Junk Shot [Mario Tennis]

Amazing Power Serve!  Spike Return!  Spinning Backhand!  Sadly, Peach doesn't yell out tennis attack names in this game, but it's still pretty amusing; you can substitute your own names and annoy your friends with them anyway.  Join us and find out how to volley!

Our download is currently ahead, 40-love.

Show Notes

(06:20) Ultimate Marvel is finally dying.

(10:30) Future Tactics is pretty cool.

(17:00) League tales.

(28:00) DBZ Tennis!  Mario Tennis sadly lack some of the zaniness other Mario sports games like.  Also, just listen to Waluigi's voice.

(39:00) Geremy's experience with the Rift.

Next time on Last Time, Bonk's Adventure!

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