Episode 195: The Least Dangerous Game [Landstalker]

Some treasure hunters are legendary.  Some steal phoenix feathers to try to resurrect their long-dead girlfriends.  Others think that all artifacts belong in museums.  Some... use all their money to pursue a vague hint of some nebulously defined treasure.  And hop awkwardly to get there.  Summon an eagle (components: 5000 gold pieces) and fly to adventure!  Or mostly just falling down holes a lot and trying to get over that danged pit.

All downloads make the same noise when you hit them.

Show Notes

(04:35) Layton Mystery Journal! Now on IOS and 3DS!

(05:45) The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

(10:25) Shock and Surprise, Zach’s playing League Of Legends

(12:45) More Stories of Players Unknown Battlegrounds

(22:15) Persona 5! Major Spoilers. Like, the entire ending of the game.

(25:30) Persona 5: Clearly The Greatest Valentine's Day Option. Mild Spoilers

(29:45) The article Tyler cited saying running like Naruto makes you run faster appears to be farcical. Other great articles on the site include: That one website that streamed One Punch Man is shutting down.

(33:45) The assignment Land… wait more Persona 5 spoilers.

(37:00) For real, the assignment, Landstalker

(46:45) Ranking the Land

Next time on Last Time, Final Fantasy II!

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