Episode 147: Hostile Corporate Takeover [Super Mario Land 2]

Now with twice the odd hats, Mario returns to the Game Boy to reclaim his castle (yes, Mario owns a castle) and defeat his rival!  You know, the one he's always had?  No, not some stupid lizard - it's Wario!  Fight your way through a bizarre variety of stages, ranging from Mario's giant mechanical statue of himself to the moon, and reclaim the ostentatious keys Mario presumably fashioned for himself!

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Show Notes

(03:45) Psycho Pass?!  Speaking of anime, this is a thing, apparently.  I don't know that it can really live up to the original, but it'll definitely make money.

(08:30) Retro City Rampage.  That was technically a game.

(13:00) Siege tanks?

(15:30) Let us know if you want to see Zach flail at this game!  Squick alert.  Apparently the Fight Club game did this (listen to that gravel!).

(23:40) In case you want to learn some trivia about MK.

(24:30) P4A looks surprisingly solid.

(29:30) Vaguely related, some Mario fauna.

(44:00) Being ranked gives you 100 feathers!

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Episode 146: [Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD]

Time to do some sick tricks and catch some gnar!  Come with us as we follow one skating celebrity and a bunch of people that no one outside of the community has ever heard of (and a mystical bum!) on a journey to... collect stuff around places that are oddly devoid of life.  Now that I think on it, does this game take place in a dystopian future where you're so bored without human contact that you contrive a ton of ridiculously complicated skating scenarios for yourself?  Probably not.  Also, we played Overwatch this week; can you tell?

Madonna, Benihana, it's Impossible to download.

Show Notes

(00:45) Yeah, that was pretty 90s.

(04:00) Turrets still suck, but at least the AI will help you up now.

(06:00) Why is the original always the best?

(11:30) Xenoverse does have amusing cutscenes, so that's something, I guess.

(16:30) ICE WALLS!

(18:00) Reinhardt and Mercy.

(20:30) Overwatch shenanigans.  It's pretty polished.  Unlike some other games?

(25:40) This Reaper skin.

(29:15) Apparently only 150 hours; must be a casual.

(31:45) Yes, Nintendo, that was a joke.

(34:30) Even the theme reminds of Lupin.

(38:00) The Lupin III board game has instructions in both English and Italian; just the pieces are Italian.

(40:00) Luffy bounces but he don't fall down!  Bones are seriously overrated anyway.

(51:30) 720 rank grind!

(56:45) Settling the score.

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario Land 2!

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Episode 145: Smell Ya Later! [Pokémon RBY]

It's not uncommon to want to excel at your chosen field, and maybe even to be the very best. Perhaps you want to catch and train some things in a manner no one has attempted before. Of course, in order to take a true measure of your talent, you might have to travel, and, in fact, search for rivals and tools. Ultimately, though, to prove your mastery, you will have to become formidable with each tool of your trade: portable monstrosities.

Can you just download copies of Pokémon, or are they DRM protected?

Show Notes

(03:30) Suddenly evil!

(05:30) Stop squiddin' around, Stairfax!

(07:45) We didn't start the fire, that guy did.

(10:00) Yes, Kojima, we've all read books.

(12:00) Hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm.

(13:15) At least one of us is going to play a lot of this game soon.

(17:00) This game is rated very well on a number of scoring systems.

(24:40) Japan is cool with cute.

(25:30) Golduck is such a BAMF, unlike that chubby rat.

(28:30) Why are psychic weak to bugs?  Mind == blown.

(31:30) We all like shorts.

(35:00) Bugs are trash, Aaron.  Maybe he got stuck in a forest.

(38:30) Speaking of trash Pokémon.  Also, can we all agree that Mr. Mime is just super creepy?

(43:00) Golbat dance!

(50:00) No bags of holding.

(57:00) Elite 4 difficulty cliff.  Poor Nuzlockers.

(1:02:00) Platinum and GSC had excellent post game.

(1:05:00) Gotta rank 'em all!

Next time on Last Time, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (HD?!)!

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Episode 144: Do a Meme-O-Roll! [Star Fox 64]

Words cannot describe the feeling of shooting a giant floating brain's eye out of the air while taking advice from your ghost father through an interstellar comms system.  Mostly because that's really bizarre.  Take revengeance on all those guys who stole your trademarked company name, and help all the Star citizens return to the rightful place of peace and... exiling scientists?  To other planets?

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Show Notes

(01:00) This marks Alex's 5th episode (6 including Sonic), meaning she's appeared on over 3% of them!

(03:30) Thanks, Ryan!

(04:00) Splash!

(05:50) Both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are getting phone games.  The Layton excursion was pretty decent, though not very Layton.

(06:30) 20XX! It's so good.  If you like Mega Man X, play this game.  Despite what's said here, boss powers are pretty useful, and there are weaknesses to exploit.  Tyler beat the game for the first time because of this since recording.

(07:30) Anime?!

(09:00) In case you forgot about other Rogue-likes, Rogue Legacy is still great.  And so is the music.

(11:00) Never heard a Mega Man X boss intro?

(14:00) Some of us watch CGP Grey.

(18:30) Coffee and Cthulhu.

(21:00) Know how to farm friendship.

(24:00) In case you're wondering what Geremy's opinion about Star Fox Zero is.

(26:00) Sweet gift bags?

(28:00) Ryan got one of these.

(30:30) That's not a thing.

(33:00) Always be chargin'.

(35:00) Terrible pilots, or alter-verse nomenclature?  You decide!


(55:00) For the curious, it turns out Golden Axe came out 4 years after the first Gauntlet.  Also, rankings!

(58:00) Watch us shoot cars?

Next time on Last Time, something awesome this way comes!

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