Dig Dug

Episode 73: Maze Munchies [Pac-Man & Dig Dug]

Travel with us back to the magical land of the early 1980s.  Gaze upon the flocks of people standing at arcade machines.  See there!  A yellow disc is consuming small white pellets while being pursued by specters.  And there!  A... smurf?  Is inflating dragons until they explode?  I don't even...  Well, at least one of these was an arcade classic; we'll let you decided which.

The trick to getting the download is to wait until the last second to inflate the power pellet.

(00:45) Abusing editorial powers.

(01:15) Payday 2 is a fun game.

(05:30) The Elite Four and a Spiritomb.

(08:00) Yomi, the fighting game card game.

(11:00) League news.

(14:00) Geremy's learning things at Smogon.

(20:25) Playing games for score.  Stairfax!

(27:00) Gluttony: the game.

(30:30) Ghost behaviors.

(36:00) Dig Dug's a game about digging.  And Dugging.

(38:00) Pac-Man as tag.

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man 3!

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