Donkey Kong

Episode 222: Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3

Sometimes, the world just needs an exterminator. Definitely, the world needs fewer wasps, and no moving slime ropes. Explore the epic saga of the Donkeys Kong with us, and experience the travails imposed upon the majestic apes by various handymen. Unfortunately, no one involved is competent. Unless exterminating is not Stanley's day job?

Episode 182: Kremkoin For Your Thoughts? [Donkey Kong Country 2]

More fun than an armed gorilla movement!  Diddy, the chimpanzee, must rescue his best bud from the evil K. Rool's clutches, and restore the traditional heir of the island to his banana throne.  With the help of Dixie, Diddy's mutant girlfriend, they'll wade their way through the reptile armies and surprisingly visually diverse landscapes.  Monkey joke!

More fun than a barrel full of bits!

Show Notes

(03:30) How is this a warrior?

(06:45) Spoiler for Zestiria, a game you're not likely to play.

(15:00) HELLDIVE!

(18:00) Pepsi rangers.  Some spoilers for Power Rangers (the new movie) ending around 21:30 if you're worried.

(25:40) Yes, there was a Battletech cartoon.  Yes, it looks awful.  So does the DnD cartoon.  Wake up, Kid Icarus!

(28:50) More DnD stories in case anyone wants them.

(33:30) Because we're terrible 90s kids, the song we can't remember is All The Small Things.

(35:30) Monkey business.

(37:00) New fan theory: K. Rool is funded by the Mushroom Kingdom.

(42:00) "Tightness"

(43:00) Unsurprisingly, wire frames were used for the base character models.  Still cannot find a video of this ever happening to anyone else, though.

(45:00) To clarify, DK Coins, while objectively cooler, only increase the rank Cranky gives you.  Kremkoins let you access the bonus levels.

(46:30) K-rank-y Kong.

Next time on Last Time, Mario Kart 64!

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