Double Dragon

Episode 166: Three Dragons Aren't Better than Two [Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones]

Never before have Bimmy and Jimmy™ been capable of such great flying throws.  Be in awe of their ability to... be hit from slightly above, but be unable to throw a punch diagonally, so then you get stunlocked and...  Anyway, the two dragon warriors are at it again to save their apparently not dead girlfriend from the clutches of some sort of crime boss.  Also, to avenge their master.  Sadly, jumpkicking remains the best available strategy.

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Epsiode 5: Double the Action. Double the Fun. Double Dragon! [Double Dragon]

Do you like fighting thugs on the streets?  Rescuing/avenging your girlfriend?  G-R-A-S-P-ing moving objects?  These guys do!  Double Dragon time!

We're back again in the fifth episode with our first double feature.  After playing Double Dragon, we decided there wasn't enough to talk about for a whole episode, so we played Double Dragon 2: The Revenge as well!  See what all the dragon punching is about!

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(1:50) Double Dragon!

(4:30) Double Dragon II: G-R-A-S-P  Or um… The Revenge.

(7:30) Weapons in Double Dragon I&II

(8:30) Awkward Platforming and why it kills games.

(13:00) Co-Op and Multiplayer in Games

(22:00) How to improve Double Dragon.  Aka why Batman is awesome.

Sorry for the short episode, but despite playing two games, we didn’t have all that much to say on them.  Next time, we shoot for the opposite problem with Final Fantasy.

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