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Episode 167: Neverending Psychic Nightmare [Psychonauts]

Gather your wits and steel your mind.  We're going in!  Another game Tim Schafer was involved in (maybe a bit more heavily since he was directing instead of writing), this one's a bit of a trip.  Come join us for some off color humor, strange visuals and... existing gameplay and storytelling.

To know your opponent's mind is to know their download.

Show Notes

* Disclaimer:  We had a lot of problems finishing this episode off because computers apparently hated us the last couple of weeks.  The ending is a bit abrupt because we lost the audio.  Twice.  Sorry for the mess! *

(04:30) RWBY vs. Twilight.

(08:00) Sentinels of Steam!  It automates some of the tedium of the card game.  That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it's really a fun game, we swear.

(12:45) Gameroom sure looks like a thing.

(17:00) I feel like brotherhood in Sonic games really shouldn't be dark.

(20:00) Doom is doomed to be great.

(22:45) Carl Gauss was such a badass.  Look at that smirk!

(27:30) Anaconda.

(38:00) There are a lot of interesting characters, but maybe too many.  Here's the opening cutscene for y'all.  Anyone out there like Raz much?

(42:00) Power progression and incentives.

(51:00) While the Meat Circus is much reviled, the only part I found super annoying was this every 15 seconds.

(56:00) Podcast dies.  Also, the game got ranked!

Next time on Last Time, Ecco the Dolphin!

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