Duane Halberton

Phase 14: Universal Cheesecake License

Frankly, one of the better contrivances I’ve seen for a clip episodes: the main character is having a fever-induced flashback sequence! Also, the supporting cast is reminiscing or something, I guess. We also get to see the origin of Coordinators, and learn the story of George “Good At Everything” Glenn! More importantly, though, we get an introduction to the most important character in the series: DaCosta!

Phase 13: Beard of Mutiny Prevention

Suddenly, 2-3 ZAFT ships show up and wreck stuff! In this week’s episode, some real times happen, and some people die. It’s intense and generally just great stuff. There’s also some teenage drama llama-ing, nice interplay within the varying factions, and some sweet atmospheric reentry (or just entry[?] in the case of the Archangel?).