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Episode 110: I Hope I Look That Good in My Castle Age [Age Of Empires 2]

Experience with us the sublime joy of collecting massive amounts of resources so you can turn them into units and spread them across the country to find your opponent's last piece of wall.  Somehow, that counts as a stronghold.  Imagine the king of a great nation huddling in a ruined tower while the Mongol horde descends upon him.  Also, a lot of farming.  And building walls.  So, a lot like most of history.  Strategy!

Mongols and Vikings and Downloads, oh my!

Show Notes

(02:30) Analogue: A Hate Story sounds fun.  Salt is definitely amusing if you want more pirates in your Minecraft.

(02:45)  Awesome enough to get its own timestamp note: Towerfall!  This War of Mine is interesting, but gets boring fairly quickly.

(04:00) A brief discussion of the horrible anchors that are online ranking systems.

(11:00) Apparently the city in AoT doesn't have a name; it's just "the Walls".  The various districts do have names, though.

(12:45) Remember, kids, don't be a publicized criminal or you might spontaneously die of a heart attack.

(14:30) Dino D-Day just looks amazeballs.

(16:30) The Golden Grin is definitely not free.

(17:15) Zach's newest pastime: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires.

(20:00) Batpires!

(26:30) RTS fun times!

(28:30) A quick critique of AoE2's lack of civilization differentiation.  It's there, but it's subtle.

(30:30) This game's 4 resource system.  We discuss the optimal number for a bit, but 0 is a valid options, so it's probably personal preference.

(36:00) While it doesn't look bad, lack of visual distinction between ages can be a problem.  What's the difference between these two ranged units?

(38:00) Win conditions and their relative ease.

(46:45) Rankings?  Have some!  Nobunaga's Ambition, Baseball, and King's Knight all get slotted on the list.

Next time on Last Time: Chief?  CHEEEIIIF!
It's Halo.  Let the flame wars begin.

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