Episode 265: Fallout Tactics

Do you want some badass power armor? Has the world ended in the 50s? Well, your only option is to join some weird, technology obsessed cult, and rise through the ranks until they give you some of that cute power armor. And if you’re going to survive, you’re going to need more than just strategy. You’re going to need tactics. Listen to find out all about em.

Episode 92: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Radscorpion [Fallout]

Get your power armor ready and pop some Rad-X, because we're exploring a post-nuclear wasteland at the start of a pretty cool series that doesn't afraid of rad scorpions.

Our download appears to be... glowing.

Show Notes

(05:00) Glorious Japerica!

(09:00) For those who don't remember the law.

(10:45) Tyler couldn't remember who the hell this guy was.  Kevin?

(15:00) Smogon's got a new tier!  For the record, Mega Beedrill looks awesome.

(19:00) He went outside the country to be even more awesome: Gary Oak, Pokeprodigy.

(28:00) Best Sm4sh character metrics include "How much does getting hit by this one sound like a truck?".

(30:00) Gihren's Greed continues to sound amazing.  The Penelope looks super impractical.

(40:00) Drunken Robot Pornography is as awesome as the name sounds.

(42:00) American traditions: brought to you by disproportionate numbers of children.

(50:30) Cut scene faces!

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