Episode 92: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Radscorpion [Fallout]

Get your power armor ready and pop some Rad-X, because we're exploring a post-nuclear wasteland at the start of a pretty cool series that doesn't afraid of rad scorpions.

Our download appears to be... glowing.

Show Notes

(05:00) Glorious Japerica!

(09:00) For those who don't remember the law.

(10:45) Tyler couldn't remember who the hell this guy was.  Kevin?

(15:00) Smogon's got a new tier!  For the record, Mega Beedrill looks awesome.

(19:00) He went outside the country to be even more awesome: Gary Oak, Pokeprodigy.

(28:00) Best Sm4sh character metrics include "How much does getting hit by this one sound like a truck?".

(30:00) Gihren's Greed continues to sound amazing.  The Penelope looks super impractical.

(40:00) Drunken Robot Pornography is as awesome as the name sounds.

(42:00) American traditions: brought to you by disproportionate numbers of children.

(50:30) Cut scene faces!

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