Final Fantasy

Episode 196: Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself? [Final Fantasy 2]

Finally, the ultimate entry in an unfortunately truncated series!  Oh, nevermind.  There are apparently, like, 20 more of these floating about.  Oh, well.  Join a team of beleaguered youths fighting against a dystopian empire in order to save their ragtag rebellion, which is conveniently based out of well-known and well-funded country of sympathizers.  This time, your stats are directly affected by your actions, so that sets it apart a bit from other entries in the series.  Grinding has rarely been so entertaining!

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Show Notes

(01:00) A tangent about other FF games.

(09:45) Talking about the difficulty (or lack thereof) in Pokémon games.

(14:30) Gunpoint is witty, intriguing, and challenging.

(16:45) "Tactical Stealth Operations"

(24:30) Monado boiz

(25:30) Brave Exvius is apparently the mobile FF game.  Also, DO NOT play the phone port of FFII.  It's garbage, and whoever ported it should feel bad.

(29:00) For the spoonily lacking.

(30:00) We spend a bit going over the GBA/NES differences, such as how stats are not inversely tied to each other in newer versions.

(38:00) Gordon.  Also, teaching Tyler the true meaning of shanghai.  More ProZD surprisingly relevant to Leila.

(49:00) Did this game get hit in the face enough to achieve max rank?

(56:30) None of Geremy's assessments about Secret Command are accurate.  Run!

Next time on Last Time, Secret Command!

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Episode 139: Phantom Train of the Opera [Final Fantasy 6]

Rivaling our list of SNES classics enters another great contender. Complete with drama, 2D fighting inputs, and a huge cast, this game is sure to rock the (air) boat. Just don't forget to let Cid fix ya up.

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Show Notes

(02:00) Need to tie Earthbound to Undertale?  Here's some (potentially lacking) evidence!

(09:30) Finish your tweet.  Many meme.

(11:00) Fire Emblem: Fates didn't quite deliver the complex story telling Zach expected.

(21:00) Game whales!  Opera!  Train suplexing!  Octopi?

(25:00) Not without its flaws: the shambling opening, party configuration, awkward mechanics moments.

(47:00) History lesson about swords.

(1:05:00) How high will it go?

Next time on Last Time, Bayou Billy! A significant downgrade.

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Episode 118: Dumb Quest For Babies [Final Fantasy Mystic Quest]

The most mystic thing about this game might be how you manage to carry 40 sets of armor and weapons on you without collapsing.  Link does that all the time, though, so I guess it's fine.  Join us to do the most absolutely generic questing because crystals n' stuff.  Also, some archfiends or something?  *yawn*  I'm gonna go throw bombs at the skeleton.

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Show Notes

(43:00) Ranked up!  Age of Empires 2Halo, and Alleyway today.

Next time on Last Time, Castlevania: The Advenure!

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Episode 72: Beating Up Wizards For Lunch Money [Final Fantasy II]

Hark, and listen, for I shall tall ye a fantastic tale. You see, long ago, in the land of Baron, the king was a dick. Also, there was this guy who commanded their sweet airship force who was less of a dick, then redeemed himself. There were some other people, too, who could throw fireballs and stuff, but it's mostly about airship dude. He had great hair!

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(01:00) Pretty Guardian Iron Man.

(02:00) Payday 2!

(07:30) League tales.

(12:30) Pretty Guardian Sailor... Those eyes...

(15:30) Final Fantasy: subtitles.

(18:40) Now you, too, can watch text walls!

(23:00) The intro isn't super interesting, largely due to lack of variety in combat.

(30:00) Rydia!

(31:00) Interesting mechanics: ranged weapon ammunition, hand preference, row assignments.

(33:00) As a side note, the DS intro makes this game look much better.

(36:00) The Antlion.  This thing.  Signposting problems.

(39:00) Lack of descriptions on items and rotation characters make progress somewhat lackluster.  Not to mention there's some overlap between characters.

Next time on Last Time, Pac Dug!

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Episode 6: Really, More Like the First Fantasy [Final Fantasy]

This week we tackle the progenitor of a mighty series!  Be thrilled with tales of dazzling magic, amazing sword fights, and lengthy fetch quests!  Final Fantasy, while not really resembling the plot drenched behemoths it would become, is a fairly enjoyable game.  Give us a listen and find out why!


(1:00) League of Legends.

(4:00) Final Fantasy

(5:20) The 6 Classes

(8:20) Beginning the Game and our Parties

(10:00) Compared to Dungeons and Dragons

(13:30) The Chore of Random Encounters.

(18:00) MP vs. Tiered Spells

(22:30) Yay Fetch Quests!

(26:00) Our history with Final Fantasy.

We weren’t sure what we were going to play next at the end of this episode but, Spoiler Alert, it’s the classic Super Mario Bros., the first videogame Geremy ever played.

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