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Episode 180: You Build Your Walls, I Dig My Hole [Stronghold]

Good fences make good neighbors, and better walls make corpses of your enemies!  Manage the happiness of your ingrate peasant population as you try to stave off endless attacks from your political rivals.   It's easier if they're entertained, though, so train that one bear the hunters brought back to dance, and see if that gets them off your back for a while.  What's that sign say?  Wolves in 10 minutes?

Boiling tar on your downloads!

Show Notes

(01:45) Proving that we live in the worst Star Wars AU.

(03:15) Alex won the Great Island 'Dex Completion Challenge.  Also Ed.

(05:00) Generic villains, represent.

(07:45) Apparently, you can also say "March 9th as Miku", so obviously this happened.

(08:45) So... shiny!

(13:30) Europa, for the interested, is apparently the mother of the Minotaur.  Contrast with Europea.

(19:15) Too much moe.

(24:30) In case y'all don't know what a Caesar cipher is.  It's named this way because Julius actually used it to protect military intelligence.

(30:00) Food!  Farming wheat: OP and supply-chain accurate.

(34:30) We were all wrong.  Pikes are long spears meant for blocking horses, and a halberd is a spear with an ax on the end.

(48:00) Celebrating the rank and file.

Next time on Last Time, Contra III!

And then the war came to,,,
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