Flay Allster

Phase 44: PTSD: Post Traumatic Sex Disorder

The key to ending the war is finally in the hands of the one person who should be allowed to use it: Azrael! Such an upstanding young man will clearly exercise the utmost caution and wisdom. Flay hand delivers it, and this reminds Kira that maybe he wasn’t a great boyfriend. Also, the Vesalius finally goes down in dramatic fashion.

Phase 43: Full Mark Hamill

Things are really coming to a head as the Joker decides to confess his motivation to his “twin” brother, and also that Kira kid I guess. Yzak and Dearka finish up their reunion to mutual dissatisfaction, and Natarle’s proving her mettle, despite Azrael’s back seat captaining. Flay’s about to be relevant again! But only for a minute. Also, I’m going to claim that I called the Mu/Rau clone thing, because close enough.

Phase 32: Neither Boners Alone...

Sometimes, all you need is the right motivation to do something amazing. In Kira’s case, that’s preventing all of his friends from dying painful deaths! Join us in watching a boy become a man, but also a man with some still pretty… well, idealistic ideals. However, he has a giant nuke robot (spoilers!) to help him achieve those goals. Also, the crew of the Archangel parts ways, and Yzak gets a promotion (to his new album, obvo).

Phase 31: Trial By Liar

Now that the Archangel has finally landed and everyone’s had some time to decompress, everything’s going to go swimmingly, right? Well, Murrue’s getting court-martialed, Kira’s being mopey, and Yzak is smoldering, so it’s pretty much business as usual. Now, if only we could see about getting Dearka some more guards.

Phase 12: Shady Employment Practices

One thing this show is good at is making politics interesting. Even SEED's remarkable prowess fails, however, when all it has to work with is bureaucracy. It even did this to itself! The Archangel is docked, and the Case of the Kidnapped Orb Kids is finally handled. How? By pretending they were conscripted! Convenient! Apparently coerced child soldiering is a problem, but voluntarily doing that is fine. Also, Flay is joining the space arm? I wonder if she ever does anything useful in that capacity. (Spoilers: No)