Game Boy

Episode 226: Mega Man III

More grey lemons than you can toss a game brick at! Apparently all the gameboy games are Rockman World, making me wonder why all the GB ports of games are their own worlds. At any rate, join the Man Mega on his quest to overthrow the somewhat confusing hodgepodge of bosses from 3 and 4, and to the final castle. Also, suddenly appearing monsters over pits and just-barely-taller-than-your-shortest-jump-ceiling-spikes to pad out the gameplay!

Episode 169: Monkeys are Jerks [Donkey Kong GB]

Giant monkeys throwing barrels have been staples of video games forever, and now you can solve puzzles while fighting them!  Well, they're probably only native to this franchise (and some obscure ripoffs?!), but there's definitely a couple in here.  Also, jumping off of your hands is more effective than from your feet, which is novel.  We'll have to test that some time.

Barrels of downloads.

Show Notes

(03:30) Sorry about the Pyschonauts ending again.  Also, the lost episode.

(05:00) Triggered.

(09:50) Apparently wishes come true?

(12:30) All those Bidoofs and the Shuckster.

(17:00) Some Poke-generational comparison.

(20:00) Apparently they're doing more of them?

(23:30) Pokémon plays Twitch.  It was pretty impressive.

(27:00) Puzzle monkeys!

(34:00) Mechanic hodgepodge.

(40:00) On the ladder?

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man X2!

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Episode 149: Go Away, Goliath [Gargoyle's Quest]

Join us in a world of ghosts and/or goblins that doesn't repeat itself - at least not explicitly. Some of those encounters get kind of samey. Help Firebrand, lord of awkwardly red gargoyles, defeat his dark world foes in what sadly isn't a twist revealing that Arthur is that foe. Shoot fireballs, hover, and cling to walls like some sort of monstrous ninja while also wandering a sparsely populated overworld map that's still somehow rife with random encounters.

You can fire two boomeranging downloads at once!

Next time on Last Time, Mortal Kombat 2.

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Episode 147: Hostile Corporate Takeover [Super Mario Land 2]

Now with twice the odd hats, Mario returns to the Game Boy to reclaim his castle (yes, Mario owns a castle) and defeat his rival!  You know, the one he's always had?  No, not some stupid lizard - it's Wario!  Fight your way through a bizarre variety of stages, ranging from Mario's giant mechanical statue of himself to the moon, and reclaim the ostentatious keys Mario presumably fashioned for himself!

Super Last Time and the 1 blue/purple download!

Show Notes

(03:45) Psycho Pass?!  Speaking of anime, this is a thing, apparently.  I don't know that it can really live up to the original, but it'll definitely make money.

(08:30) Retro City Rampage.  That was technically a game.

(13:00) Siege tanks?

(15:30) Let us know if you want to see Zach flail at this game!  Squick alert.  Apparently the Fight Club game did this (listen to that gravel!).

(23:40) In case you want to learn some trivia about MK.

(24:30) P4A looks surprisingly solid.

(29:30) Vaguely related, some Mario fauna.

(44:00) Being ranked gives you 100 feathers!

Next time on Last Time, Wave Race 64!

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Episode 145: Smell Ya Later! [Pokémon RBY]

It's not uncommon to want to excel at your chosen field, and maybe even to be the very best. Perhaps you want to catch and train some things in a manner no one has attempted before. Of course, in order to take a true measure of your talent, you might have to travel, and, in fact, search for rivals and tools. Ultimately, though, to prove your mastery, you will have to become formidable with each tool of your trade: portable monstrosities.

Can you just download copies of Pokémon, or are they DRM protected?

Show Notes

(03:30) Suddenly evil!

(05:30) Stop squiddin' around, Stairfax!

(07:45) We didn't start the fire, that guy did.

(10:00) Yes, Kojima, we've all read books.

(12:00) Hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm.

(13:15) At least one of us is going to play a lot of this game soon.

(17:00) This game is rated very well on a number of scoring systems.

(24:40) Japan is cool with cute.

(25:30) Golduck is such a BAMF, unlike that chubby rat.

(28:30) Why are psychic weak to bugs?  Mind == blown.

(31:30) We all like shorts.

(35:00) Bugs are trash, Aaron.  Maybe he got stuck in a forest.

(38:30) Speaking of trash Pokémon.  Also, can we all agree that Mr. Mime is just super creepy?

(43:00) Golbat dance!

(50:00) No bags of holding.

(57:00) Elite 4 difficulty cliff.  Poor Nuzlockers.

(1:02:00) Platinum and GSC had excellent post game.

(1:05:00) Gotta rank 'em all!

Next time on Last Time, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (HD?!)!

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Episode 141: Air Man's Revenge [Mega Man II]

Everyone loved metal blades, so why not put some of those in greyscale?  It can't be that much of a difference anyway.  Also, we should definitely add a jackhammer because people love construction!  Take a Rush Jet with us to the next installment of Sorta-Porting™ the Mega Man franchise to the Game Boy.  Did we mention metal blades?

Now mashing our last download and our next one together!

Show Notes

(01:10) Bloody mintberries.

(01:30) You should check out some Smash Flashes.

(05:00) If you haven't played Bravely Default yet and want to master all the classes, just wait until you get a level 9 Conjurer to do it.  They basically added endgame grinding mechanics.

(07:30) Talking about the technical difficulties of cross-platform development.

(14:00) Zach talks about Fates.

(24:30) Tsunderplanes.

(29:00) Go learn about Ultima.  It seems pretty sweetawesome.

(32:00) Mega Menz!  Also, this guy for some reason.

(42:00) Will this game achieve the coveted Lemon Medal?

Next time on Last Time, Sonic CD!

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Episode 119: This Game is So Bad We Didn't Even Mention Dracula [Castlevania: The Adventure]

You know what was awesome about Castlevania?  Precision movement, perfectly sized platforms, methodical and premeditated advancement, and a satisfyingly effective attack coupled with special weapons suited for a variety of situations.  You know what this game has?  None of that.  Also, falling platforms and endlessly spawning bats over them.  Also, no color.  The music's still pretty good, though!

Our downloading isn't well suited to its challenges.

Show Notes

(29:45) Whippin' out them rankings.  Baseball (BG), StarTropics, and Alien Storm get lashed at.

Next time on Last Time, Pokemon Trading Card Game!

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Episode 112: Wasting Time With A Brick [Alleyway and Baseball (GB)]

Like the games this week themselves, discussion about them is fairly brief.  Instead, we talk about epic boss battles, Fire Emblem, and (gasp) League.  There's plenty of amusement to be had regardless, so join us on a magical adventure of whimsy!  And grayscale.

New game: Baseball, but you have to break through the blocks at the end of the park to actually score a homerun.

Show Notes

(05:30) Sacred Stone(r)s!

(18:00) Boss fights‽

(28:00) Baseball.  It feels like we've talked about this before.

(30:00) Alleyway may be a Breakout clone, but it's better than the original.  It lacks good music during the levels, though.

(39:45) Something's... rank in here.   Maybe some Fallout from dinner?  I... can't work Mario Tennis into a sentence, but it might be smelly.  Ending the list this week is Bonk's Adventure.

Next time on Last Time, StarTropics!  Yo, yo!

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Episode 103: Even More Useless Dreams [Kirby's Dreamland]

We talk about MOBAs a lot, followed by Pokemon and Kirby.  A Kirby game that doesn't suck, in fact!  Somehow, that seems to be to its disadvantage.  Find out where Kirby's first adventure leaves the pink puffball.

Our download can't copy powers, but it sure does suck!

Show Notes

(05:00) Riot's bankrolling its own tournaments, apparently.  Also, MOBAs!

(23:30) Pokemon Shuffle!

(25:00) Pokemon Insurgence is an in-progress fan game.  It's pretty sweet!

(30:00) Kirby!  Sadly, the game lacks variety... and powerups of firebreathing doom.

(34:30) More rankings!  This week we add Shock Troopers, Bomberman '93, and Final Fantasy II.

Next time on Last Time, Mortal Kombat!

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Episode 87: Wake Up! [Link's Awakening]

The chain chomps and goombas are invading! Despite that, we're actually playing a Zelda game. In fact, it's the first that gives you an apparently mystical and well guarded secret in the LoZ universe: the power to jump! Travel with us as Link discovers an island of NPCs worth having dialogue boxes and the first of many trading sequences.

The download, 'tis but a dream.

Show Notes

(03:00) Final LCS tales!

(03:45) Feng Shui 2 sounds pretty cool.

(13:00) Abyss Odyssey is a game about Spanish/French mythology and also killing things... by Atlus, because of course.

(16:00) Just gonna throw this out there: Payday 2: A Payday for Pigs.  Smooth, John.  They've fixed that bug by now, so ya'll know.

(23:00) AC4 continues to sound awesome.

(31:10) Tribunals in games.

(36:45) Cosmetic changes that greatly affect performance.

(45:00) No sword?  No problem!

(50:30) Roc's Feather.

Next Time on Last Time, it's NIGHTS Into Dreams!

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Episode 86: Why Is the Second Game Always the Worst? [Metroid II]

Join us for our second foray into sci-fi spelunking with everyone's alien bird hybrid bounty hunter! Although, she may be the only one. Come explore caves, remnants of an ancient culture, and more caves with us as Samus attempts to commit genocide. Also, she can roll on ceilings!

The download is a little sticky from the spider ball...

Show Notes

(04:30) Gamergate.  Seriously, people, is some class too much to ask?

(13:30) Deicide and you.

(16:10) Zach's League tales and edifying Tyler about lane mechanics.

(24:00) I'm announcing an announcement about an announcement.

(28:30) Some discussion on what qualifies as a "free" game.

(32:35) Innocent Life looks mildly amusing.

(38:00) Metroid II could have had better music.  I shouldn't feel like I'm in Subrosia in a Metroid game.  Or maybe I should?  It looks good, though.

Next Time on Last Time, it's Link's Awakening!

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Episode 84: Black And White Lemons [Mega Man GB]

Did you ever wish you could play Mega Man, but hated that stupid Guts Man? Dislike playing games in color? Love getting masses of weapons right at the end of the game? Well, you're in luck! This week, take your lemon cannon with us on the Blue Bomber's first foray onto a mobile platform.

Mirror download! (distinct from a download mirror)

Show Notes

(05:00) Hyrule Warriors is still looking pretty cool.

(10:00) Shadow of Mordor has gotten pretty good reviews.

(17:30) Zach's short review of Fallout: Tactics.

(20:00) Tales from the LCS.

(29:00) Mega Man!  It's a remarkably good game for the first Mega Man game on the GB, though it's pretty hard.

(31:20) The name of the beer is Tsingtao.  This note makes sense in context.

(34:45) Walrus Boss!  Also, if you like the "boss music" it plays, it's Break-A-Leg by RoccoW.  Also, the Fireman game Tyler mentioned.

(40:30) The special weapons seem more useful in this game than any other Mega Man.  Also, the super awesome Mirror Buster.

Next Time on Last Time, it's Sonic Chaos!  Also, maybe some control.

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Episode 83: Oh! Daisy [Super Mario Land]

It only took us more than 80 episodes to get around to it, but it's our first foray into the fabulous fun time that is the Game Boy! Because everyone's played Tetris (not to mention that it's been talked to death), we're starting off with a trip to Sarasaland, best known for its Super Ball exports. Wait... what's that over there? Is that... OH! Daisy.

The download just keeps bouncing everywhere.

Show Notes

(04:45) Deicide and the new gods!  Also, some comics history.

(19:45) On motorcycles!

(26:00) He's drinking your arm!

(29:30) Satchel like a bag!

(32:00) Rosalina's heritage.

(33:00) Conversion to the Game Boy did not treat this series well.

Next Time on Last Time, it's Megaman!  No, not that one.

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Episode 63: Useless Hamster Dreams [Kirby's Dreamland 2]

Would you lightning from a hamster? Would you rock from on an owl? Would you lightbulb inside a fish? Kirby would do all of these things in pursuit of MacGuffins to save Dreamland, Dedede, and all of its adorable inhabitants (that he also slaughters).

Suck up our download and you might gain its ability!

(06:45) Physical stress in SC2.

(08:30) Midget Napoleon!  On a slightly more relevant note, Dead Space and its interesting HUD.

(13:50) Speaking of using ammo between guns, Doom does that.

(17:00) Fallout: New Vegas is pretty great.

(20:00) Geremy talks about Dungeon Dashers.

(20:50) LTOVG, now the FTL podcast.  We deride the essential uselessness of choosing sectors.  Really, it suffers a lot of the problems of Rogue-likes, and discuss whether that's even a good design these days.

(29:30) FTL: Last boss difficulty cliff.

(32:00) Okami, the game that will not end.  Also, boss rush hell.

(38:50)  Kirby!  A game about bosses, though "hard" might be a generous word for them.

(44:00) Why Kirby's Adventure was more fun.  There are some MacGuffins, though.

(46:00) Archer!

(48:45) The final boss is an eldritch space vampire.

Next time on Last Time, Cruisin' USA!

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