Golden Sun

Episode 189: I Wish This Was FF6 [Golden Sun]

When the world needs a hero, it looks to the JRPG protagonist: stolid, inoffensive, generally teenaged.  Throw in some magic spirits that can be swapped during combat to summon giant monsters, and a sprawling overworld, and you've got yourself a solid game.  Will Isaac save the world?  Will our narrators quit out of boredom before that happens?

2 Earth djinn and 2 Internet djinn make a Download class.

Show Notes

(02:00) Zach’s only human, so he’s playing Mass Effect Andromeda

(21:00) Shovel Knight, Available on Steam with all DLC included for free!  Also every console.

(22:30) Team Four Star Does Dragon Ball Super.

(24:00) Dragon Ball Super!  If you only watch one episode, Geremy highly recommends this one.

(26:00) The assignment, Golden Sun.

(34:00) All About Random Battles

(49:00) Here’s our episode on the superlative Final Fantasy VI since we’re comparing them so much.

(55:00) It's Ranking Time!

NOTE: A quick correction here.  Zach played the wrong game, so we're not doing Fantasy Zone 2 next week.

Next time on Last Time, Mighty Bomb Jack!

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