Episode 41: We Will Build A Wall [Life Force]

This week, we look at the sequel to one of our (read: Tyler's) favorite games for the show: Life Force!  It's basically Gradius, but not!  Get ready for some fancy flying as we veer up and slightly to the left of a pretty good game and into the territory of what we're actually playing.

I'd take an option that just downloads things for me while I walk around.

(01:30) Sweet new mixer time!  Internet celebrities.

(04:00) Join the hosts (not Tyler) in playing LoL some time!  State of Decay is still awesome.  Pills are super helpful.  Also, I found this, and it's awesome.

(09:30) Another DayZ comparison; maybe Tyler has PTDZD.

(10:20) These flash games are fun.

(14:00) For posterity!  It's an anime-themed fighter.

(17:20) Seriously, don't give these people money.

(18:45) Geremy's 3 gripes with Arkham Origins' combat changes.

(24:00) Detective mode!

(28:00) *Sean Connery voice* Yesh, fluffy...

(32:00) Spoilers(?) for New Horizons.

(36:30) Join Geremy's Fantasy eSports league!

(39:30) Life Force!  It has some arbitrary problems.  It's basically Gradius with cooler bosses and multiplayer.

(46:30) We talked about this one a while ago, but apparently it's applicable to a space shooter?

(50:00) Consequenceless deaths as a teaching tool.  It can also be painful.

Next time on Last Time, it's Tecmo Bowl!

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Episode 8: What Exactly is a Gradius? [Gradius]

First off, we apologize for the poor audio quality on this episode, especially on Tyler’s end.  We have a new audio setup, and he was turned down a bit further than he should have been, while Geremy was up a bit higher.  This should be fixed for the next episode.

Our zany adventures continue as we fight our way through hordes of wacky moai misfits and belligerent bionic battle suits in the arcade classic, Gradius!  This game has a record for being incredibly difficult, a testament to the adopted slogan "Nintendo Hard."  For the sake of this, we'll ignore that Gradius is on every system ever.  Listen in as we test out some new audio equipment and find out whether this game withstood the test of time.

Download all power to the forward lasers!

(2:00) What we’ve been playing and watching.

(5:30) We talk about Slender and discuss this video a bit.  NSFW (Language)

(7:00) The Assignment: Gradius

(10:00) Power-Up!

(18:00) Just how hard is Gradius?

(21:00) Gradius compared to Mario, and the transition from Arcade to Home Console.

Next week, we jump back forward to the Super Nintendo and take on some Japanese Culture with The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.  Probability of Naruto jokes 95%!  Don’t miss it!

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