Harvest Moon

Episode 209: Harvest Moon 64

Sometimes, you just need to kick back and let the turnips grow.  Specifically, when you have no other crops or animals, and have really exhausted all the stuff to do around town.  There's always the bar, though, not to mention a pile of fun townsfolk to hang out with.  Look into your heart... become the legendary philanderer farmer you were meant to be!

Episode 3: Farming Under the Light of a Harvest Moon [Harvest Moon]

You ever get the feeling you'd be better off growing potatoes and corn on you grandfather's abandoned farm to become a millionaire?  No?  Well, in case you have, you can live out that dream in Harvest Moon, everyone's favorite farming/dating/life simulator!  This seems to be a game that everyone has heard of, but few have actually played.  Is it worth trying?  Give us a listen and find out!

A quick note, this was the first one we recorded on Geremy's computer, so the sound quality was... questionable.


(0:23) The First Games we ever played.

(2:26) Harvest Moon 64, and Geremy’s obsession with it.

(3:30) Why Farm Chore Simulator is fun.

(5:30) Harvest Moon

(8:10) A Hard Day’s Night, time limits in Harvest Moon.

(9:26) The Goals of Harvest Moon

(10:00) Girls!  (In Harvest Moon.)

(11:15) The Not-Girls in Harvest Moon.

(12:40) The flaws of Harvest Moon
(14:40) Multiple Endings!

(15:50) The Golden (Easter) Egg.

(20:20) Best parts of Harvest Moon

(21:16) And the worst parts.

(24:50) Reward structures in Video Games.

(33:30) We talk about Hex Empire.  If you’d like to play it, it can be found here.  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/486811

Next week, Metroid!  A way better aliens game than Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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