Episode 158: But You Can Build Your Own Coaster [Roller Coaster Tycoon]

Nothing memorializes a roller coaster ride like getting hit in the face by a pigeon right as you ride through the camera!  It's too intense, and likely to induce nausea, so it's lucky that you went to a park staffed by a sufficient number of handy men.  And by that, guys who seem to specialize in mopping up the results of intense roller coaster.  But, what's this?  Giant tweezers?!

10 Gs on this download make it pretty intense.

Show Notes

(03:00) Such Rhythm.  We can fight!

(05:30) Electricity -> Amber -> Ambrose makes sense, I swear.

(09:30) There are apparently some advantages to keeping the idiots alive.

(14:30) Victory conditions, related to loss conditions.

(20:00) Screwing with guests.

(24:00) Not a death trap.

(43:00) The rank is pretty steep.

Next time on Last Time, Shantae!

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