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Episode 250: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

Do you know those people who get grumpy if they don’t get their coffee in the morning? Well, some nations get grumpy if they don’t have all the magical stones that keep the realm in balance in the morning. What can you do to protect your home from such invading neighbors after they mysteriously lose all sense of reason, promote a bunch of jerks to hunt after you, and engage in a guerilla war with your brother? The only way to find out is to listen!

Episode 173: Rock, Paper, Helicopter [Advance Wars]

Of course, the big guy makes melee guns hit harder, what else would he do?  And that guy constantly making verbal snipes?  He's also adept at making physical snipes... transitively through his units.  Obviously.  Enter the world of wars that seem to be progressing, or maybe proceeding.  On the square grid of conflict, only one quirky character can triumph!

Activate your CO download!

Show Notes

(01:30) Over the Garden Wall is great, and that's a rock fact!

(09:00) The Joker and Trump.

(09:30) Eh, it's better than dying of ennui.

(27:30) Not strictly Atlus, but Disgaea 2 is on Steam now.  Also, more Frog Fractions, now with more fairies.

(29:30) A mostly functional RTS about the history of Egypt.

(31:30) Wars that are advanced may include tanks.

(37:00) CO powers sound like that.

(41:30) You're a Chinook.  Your mom's a Chinook!

(49:00) CO is obviously the highest rank, and so is this game?!

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario 64!

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Episode 165: Paper Merit Badge [Paper Mario]

Paper so colorful, it'll have you seeing stars!  Never before has Mario gone on such a world building adventure as... oh.  Well, at the very least, the red-hatted hero will pick up a pile of sidekicks in this memorable stop on the endless journey to mildly inconvenience Bowser.

Legend of the seven downloads.

Show Notes

(01:15) Apparently it's morphin' time?  I kinda like the new suits, though.

(03:00) The original Jiraiya had unstoppable hair.

(09:00) It's a valid fear.

(11:30) Could actually be a pretty catchy ad.

(14:30) Not for the faint of heart, here's all the glory kills.

(15:45) Quite the improvement.

(24:30) Justified.  That's quite the ability.  Works double on ultra beasts?  Pretty sure we're talking about Meloetta here.

(27:30)  After some research, it looks like ROX is probably not actually a company name of any sort.  League teams do have the best names, though.

(28:00) Samsung's battery problems.

(32:00) Apparently the Wars series has been going on since Famicom.

(37:45) Neat storytelling tricks to build up the villain.

(43:15) Bow is bae.

(48:30) Combat mechanics.

(52:45) Man, do we have some things to say about Mystic Quest.

(1:14:00) Getting our ranking down on paper.

Next time on Last Time, Double Dragon 3, the least Fire Emblem game to be subtitled "Sacred Stones"!

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Episode 164: He Shoots-- [Soccer]

Despite being the world's most popular sport (followed by cricket?!), there are surprisingly few soccer games.  What can be a better starting place than one that gets right to the point and says it like it is?  Dribbling on a square grid and controlling two players on defense at once can't be that bad, right?

Offside your way to a download.

Show Notes

(01:00) Vuves.

(02:00) Yeah, not really any new ships.

(08:00) 7 days to lol.

(13:40)  Lucha chickens.

(16:00) Wrestle with speed!  Still not as fast as the current record holder, though.  A number of glitches have popped up, apparently.

(22:00) Savage Resurrection really underwhelms.

(24:00) Who doesn't like hitting things with swords?

(34:30) Time travel!

(38:00) Button woes and blocks.

(45:00) Does this game make the goal?

Next time on Last Time, Paper Mario!

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Episode 98: Ugly-Nosed Peasants [Fire Emblem]

Nintendo's lesser known child, Fire Emblem, and its first appearance on our podcast!  Sword some guys, ax some lances, shoot fireballs.  This game's got it all... except telling you how to talk to other people.  I suppose, though, that's a life skill that no game has taught.

This Killer Download has a 35% chance of being critically awesome.

Show Notes

(08:40) Norse mythology is weird!  Also, ShinTen.

(11:30) Bravely vampire!

(16:00) That thing with a 'C' that's Fallen London currency is Cryptic Clue.  Yes, clues and secrets are currency.  As is a Tale of Terror.  This game is weird.

(20:00) Sunless Sea looks pretty good.

(22:00) Fire Emblem is fun, guys!  We attempt to dissect why the combat in this is fun.  We also talk about the general mechanics and how the story (which is "good") is mostly just a frame for some fantasy tactics time.

(29:00) Lyn is a Disney Princess!

Next time on Last Time, Zanac!  Hopefully less construction this time.

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