Episode 179: Philosophical Zombies [Planescape: Torment]

Necromancers get all the cool toys: automatic corpses, snarky skulls, cool cloaks.  Therefore, you should show them what's up by talking your way around having to deal with them directly!  Hitting them with your big metal stick is also an option, but that's way less interesting.  Step into the world(s) of Planescape and try to recover your lost soul!

When you download, you just wake up in the mausoleum again.

Show Notes

(01:45) Pogo canes and annoying nephews!

(03:30) Segways can be dangerous.  Still not the worst idea.

(17:30) SolForge looks pretty interesting.

(18:45) MMO economies, for the interested.

(28:30) We at LTOVG enjoy a good skill grid.

(30:30) Painting the town red.

(32:00) Geography time!

(38:00) Isometric woes.

(53:15) The ranking stat is surprisingly important for bards.

Next time on Last Time, Stronghold!

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Episode 92: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Radscorpion [Fallout]

Get your power armor ready and pop some Rad-X, because we're exploring a post-nuclear wasteland at the start of a pretty cool series that doesn't afraid of rad scorpions.

Our download appears to be... glowing.

Show Notes

(05:00) Glorious Japerica!

(09:00) For those who don't remember the law.

(10:45) Tyler couldn't remember who the hell this guy was.  Kevin?

(15:00) Smogon's got a new tier!  For the record, Mega Beedrill looks awesome.

(19:00) He went outside the country to be even more awesome: Gary Oak, Pokeprodigy.

(28:00) Best Sm4sh character metrics include "How much does getting hit by this one sound like a truck?".

(30:00) Gihren's Greed continues to sound amazing.  The Penelope looks super impractical.

(40:00) Drunken Robot Pornography is as awesome as the name sounds.

(42:00) American traditions: brought to you by disproportionate numbers of children.

(50:30) Cut scene faces!

Next time on Last Time, Mario Tennis!

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