It's A Gundam

Phase 43: Full Mark Hamill

Things are really coming to a head as the Joker decides to confess his motivation to his “twin” brother, and also that Kira kid I guess. Yzak and Dearka finish up their reunion to mutual dissatisfaction, and Natarle’s proving her mettle, despite Azrael’s back seat captaining. Flay’s about to be relevant again! But only for a minute. Also, I’m going to claim that I called the Mu/Rau clone thing, because close enough.

Phase 42: The Pledge, The Turn, The Rauveal

Here at the Mendel Colony, we specialize in genetic experimentation and melodrama! Gaze in wonder at the masked gentleman’s nebulous relationships! Be baffled by the specially engineered (but never explained) powers of bullshit the SEED! Gaze on as two angsty teenagers grow into slightly less shitty people!

Phase 41: Dominion to E4

Finally, Natarle gets a ship of her own! Unfortunately, she uses the silly little phone on it to tell Maru that the Dominion’s about to blast her to bits. Whoops. Thankfully, a wild Kira appears to fight back! Unthankfully, the Archangel fails an acrobatics check and gets caught in some tethering lines. Also, we get the best Cagali this show will produce.

Phase 33: Athrun's No Good Very Bad Day

Secret Agent Mu-man returns with dire information for the Archangel, just late enough to be useless! The crew, meanwhile, is preparing to take its collective last breath. But what’s this? A bird? A plane? A multi-billion dollar government secret project? That’s right, it’s Kira! All your (white) base are belong to him, as he declares himself a sovereign nation because nukes.

Phase 32: Neither Boners Alone...

Sometimes, all you need is the right motivation to do something amazing. In Kira’s case, that’s preventing all of his friends from dying painful deaths! Join us in watching a boy become a man, but also a man with some still pretty… well, idealistic ideals. However, he has a giant nuke robot (spoilers!) to help him achieve those goals. Also, the crew of the Archangel parts ways, and Yzak gets a promotion (to his new album, obvo).

Phase 31: Trial By Liar

Now that the Archangel has finally landed and everyone’s had some time to decompress, everything’s going to go swimmingly, right? Well, Murrue’s getting court-martialed, Kira’s being mopey, and Yzak is smoldering, so it’s pretty much business as usual. Now, if only we could see about getting Dearka some more guards.

Phase 29: Should've Taken a Space Whale

In the aftermath of last episode’s epic battle, everyone’s dealing with the shock and loss. Also Kuzzey’s there. But not everything’s going poorly! New romances are blooming, Mu gets to practice being the impulsive one, and death appears to be only a minor inconvenience!