Bonus Episode 2: Animal Crossing

This week we have a bit of a change of form with what I like to call "The LTOVG Guest Host-apalooza!"  +Katie Smith and +Alex Tift are on the mics with the usual hosts for this episodes, and it's fairly raucous.  This is a bonus episode, so the quality of the audio is less than normal; Geremy did what he could to salvage it.

Shake shake... A download fell out of that tree!

(00:40) An introduction to Katie!  That other game she plays is this!  Also, she's making an edutainment game of some awesomeness: Adventure Girls.

(05:40) Zach leads off our recent games list.  Bolas!  Alex plays some games?  Odin Sphere!  Odette is creepy...

(13:00) Educational games!  A.D.A.M. is apparently a series.  Oregon Trail is in your Interwebz.  SimAnt is a pretty cool game.  Zoombinis and pizza.  Fantastic Contraption and its sequel allow you to create a ton of different machines to solve problems.

(25:00) ActRaiser was mentioned.  Just sayin'.

(26:30) Animal Crossing!  You may have questionable origins.  Kirin is god... thing.  It's mentioned in this show.

(35:00) How you make money in these games.

(39:30) Tarantulas.  Seriously?

(43:45) Fuzzy Pickles!

(49:30) Tyler's totally wrong.  Maybe Morrowind?

(51:30) Humans are gluttons and will play all the games if possible.

(54:30) Rover!

Next time on Last Time, Pokemon Snap!

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