Episode 203: Kirby's Dream Course

Answering the age old question "what if we put our ball-like character into a situation where his ball-ness is a useful feature", this week's game is a unique twist on minigolf.  As Kirby mysterious maneuvers himself around the world, discover a host of small mechanics that eventually interlock into some truly bizarre courses.  Just kill all your golf-foes in the correct order, and save... Dreamland?  Your putting average?

A hole-in-one here requires a trickshot off the download.

Show Notes

(03:00) Tyler is playing Splatoon again.

(03:30) TSM still employs both Leffin and ZERO, though ZERO has been less dominant in recent years than Geremy implies.

(06:00) Zach has been playing League of Legends, because it is a time of year.

(14:00) Geremy has been playing Dokkan Battle and that alone!  World Tournament shenanigans abound.

(17:00) The assignment!?  Already!?  It's Kirby’s Dream Course!

(32:00) Speed Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Resident Evil!

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Episode 157: Crystals are Key! [Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards]

In desperate times, a hero must be summoned.  This one sucks!  I'm sure that's about the 2 billionth time that joke has been used about Kirby, though.  In this latest iteration, frolic through cleverly disguised corridors and throw exploding shuriken, wield mighty swords, and... ice skate?  Never before has the Pink Wonder been able to combine powers (unless you discount doing so with his animal companions).  Remember, with great power, comes great hilarity.

Combine Spark and Silicon to get Download!

Show Notes

(03:30) Tiny discs were so cool, though!  Talking about Nintendo's lumbering transition to phone platforms.

(06:30) Not representative of the final product.

(09:45) Thems humans.  Nah, they're good eating'!

(11:30) Now in 3-D(warf).

(17:30) We saved you the trouble of playing this game.

(25:00) Shards, man.  Shards.

(31:00) Such game.  Many multiplayer.

(35:00) Kirby + LTOVG powers = Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Roller Coaster Tycoon!

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Episode 137: Puffball Fashion Show [Kirby Super Star]

Gluttony never looked so eldritch! Join us on another of the Pink Puff's adventures, conveniently segmented into increasingly difficult chapters. Smack a tree in the face (repeatedly!), race against an anthropomorphic penguin, bring down a giant airship, play Dragon Quest, and punch the planet in half! Also, you should practice your sweet yo-yo skills.

The download had lets you take bytes out of your enemies.

Show Notes

(01:40) Deductive reasoning!  Also, penguin explosion proximity can be a problem.

(05:00) Amazing wigs.

(09:30) Oh, Mr. Bowie.

(22:00) I'd read Batfellow.

(26:00) Kirbys of systems past.

(29:00) Like a mother bird.

(39:30) The ranking hat gives you the power of decimals.

(41:00) Dragon Quest!

Next time on Last Time, King of Fighters '94!

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Episode 103: Even More Useless Dreams [Kirby's Dreamland]

We talk about MOBAs a lot, followed by Pokemon and Kirby.  A Kirby game that doesn't suck, in fact!  Somehow, that seems to be to its disadvantage.  Find out where Kirby's first adventure leaves the pink puffball.

Our download can't copy powers, but it sure does suck!

Show Notes

(05:00) Riot's bankrolling its own tournaments, apparently.  Also, MOBAs!

(23:30) Pokemon Shuffle!

(25:00) Pokemon Insurgence is an in-progress fan game.  It's pretty sweet!

(30:00) Kirby!  Sadly, the game lacks variety... and powerups of firebreathing doom.

(34:30) More rankings!  This week we add Shock Troopers, Bomberman '93, and Final Fantasy II.

Next time on Last Time, Mortal Kombat!

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Bonus Episode 3: Kirby's Adventure? I think?

Another bonus episode so soon?  Yes!  Due to timing problems, we didn't get to record a regular episode (mostly Tyler's fault) and we did this instead!  Also, Tyler's lazy, so no show notes.  While we're blaming Tyler for things, how about trolling on the Internet.  That's one person's fault, I think.

Our hangover cure: take two downloads with a shot of videogames.