Lacus Clyne

Phase 31: Trial By Liar

Now that the Archangel has finally landed and everyone’s had some time to decompress, everything’s going to go swimmingly, right? Well, Murrue’s getting court-martialed, Kira’s being mopey, and Yzak is smoldering, so it’s pretty much business as usual. Now, if only we could see about getting Dearka some more guards.

Phase 10: Dang It, Mu La Flaga: The Guy I Hate!

We made it 10 episodes in, and finally, we hit an episode that's all kill no filla.  Instead of talking about a super old movie, Geremy mentions he's watching the now old Iron Blooded Orphans, which he never finished, and how everyone in the cast seems to have taken a level in rogue.  Except Flay who just takes a level in rogue.  Plus, a panty shot, and more arguments about the morality of hostage taking!  Maybe I should have lead with that.  Also, we announce our contest winners!  Don't miss it!