Let's Play!

Let's Play on Video Games, Mario Party 2

Hey fans, apologies for the lack of content recently, snow, busy schedules and work have kept us from recording lately.  We promise a new episode next week, featuring Mario Party 2, the classic game where you roll virtual dice and yell at your friends!  In the mean time, we've managed to record a Let's Play of the game to capture some multi player magic, hopefully that will hold you over until next week when we release our full episode!

Let's Play Vigalante 8

Dear Last Time on Video Games listeners.
As we move forward into history, it is important that we do not ignore growing technology.  The Last Time on Video Games message should not just be limited to audio, but as technology grows, broadcast in whatever way we can.
It is for this reason, and totally not that Geremy got an expensive capture card, that we bring you our first video, the LTOVG crew playing our latest assignment, Vigilante 8.  This is our first video, and so the editing and audio balance are just a little off.  However, we hope you enjoy, and plan on releasing more videos for out future Multiplayer assignments.  And remember to check out our full, normal episode on Vigilante 8 when it hits tomorrow!