Light Gun

Episode 45: Aw, Man, We Ran Out of Wolf Jokes [Operation Wolf]

Grenade chickens.  Need we say more?  Yes?  Well... light guns were a thing, right?  Operation... Wolf!

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(01:15) Buster Wolf!  Skyrim's pretty cool, guys.  Also, badass dragons are rich.

(06:00) Crazy tabletop plans.

(08:00) Introduction to the early history of the camera wars.  Also, Game Fly still exists, apparently.

(09:30) On the nose... villains...  Arkham Origins ended up being mediocre.

(18:30) Only a science major can play LoL!  Knights of Pen and Paper!  Related.

(21:30) ACIV has some... tone issues.  TF2: odd meta.

(25:30)  Starwhal!  Play it!

(29:00) Light gun games!  Also, our fantasy leagues.

(35:00) Peripherals in general.  This is a thing now, and I want it.

(42:00) Operations and wolves associated to them.

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