Episode 108: KFC Double Denver [Sim City 2000]

Apparently crowd funded games are on our minds this week, but so are a lot of things.  Maybe we should have had better planning?  Zoning, perhaps?  See what I did?  Anyway, we're building cities and exploiting the not-quite-human intelligence of their occupants to make tons of money!

Our download is more effective than Godzilla.

Show Notes

(01:45) Everypony thinks Mad Max is so shine.

(08:00) Sploon!  Turns out it's pretty fun.

(10:30) Cross Code is looking good.  Also, fancy shoes, but that's mostly unrelated.

(27:00) SimAnt was sweet.

(27:30) SimCity 2000!  Zoooones! There are definitely optimal strategies.

(34:00) How this game lacks extra goals that make other open ended games more engaging.

(41:30) GoG Galaxy and Geremy's initial thoughts.

(42:00) Wanna rank?  Super Mario Daisy!  Greyscale Mega Men!  Last (and least) Sonic Chaos.

Next time on Last Time, it's a double with Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.!

Stop!  It's hammer time!,,,
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