Mega Man

Episode 258: Mega Man 5

Before there was Call of Duty every year, there was Mega Man every year, the shooter of the late 80s/early 90s. What new, exciting Mans will the Blue Bomber face this time? What face will Zach make when he hears about the weakness chart? And who could possibly be behind the wave of robot related crime this year? Listen to find out!

Episode 257: Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Did you ever went fast? Did you ever went so fast that you created a kind of bad game with awful level design that doesn’t actually let you go fast at all? Did you ever went so fast you met an echidna who was kind of a jerk and you felt should really be a playable character for some reason? Did you ever went so fast you started to realize maybe Sonic was never good at all and Sonic 2 was just a huge fluke? In this weeks episode, we went fast.

Episode 226: Mega Man III

More grey lemons than you can toss a game brick at! Apparently all the gameboy games are Rockman World, making me wonder why all the GB ports of games are their own worlds. At any rate, join the Man Mega on his quest to overthrow the somewhat confusing hodgepodge of bosses from 3 and 4, and to the final castle. Also, suddenly appearing monsters over pits and just-barely-taller-than-your-shortest-jump-ceiling-spikes to pad out the gameplay!

Episode 170: Floating Heads [Mega Man X2]

Fighting robots are cool and more of them must be cooler, right?  The Maverick Hunter is back again to take on some... interesting bosses.  Sponges have always been pretty menacing.  Those spiky whips are definitely dangerous, and it looks like an ostrich learned some sweet moves, so that's probably challenging.  Also, there are speeder bikes and even more holding Y to charge your laser.

Grapple sponges snag sweet downloads.

Show Notes

(02:30) Sun Kitty!

(05:30) Look at this railgun rock's majestic beard.

(08:45) Pew!

(09:00) Malasadas and emo kids.

(13:00) Branching paths in Red and Blue.

(16:00) Complaining about Sun and Moon design decisions.  At least there are sweet mullets.

(28:00) Going over our teams.  Also, nami () means wave, for the curious.

(32:00) Mimikyu is surprisingly good.

(36:00) Based on the translation of Guzma's honorific to English, which people tell me was spot on.

(38:30) Seriously, Rattata's design sucks.  At least all other variants of it are alright.

(44:00) The height of video games.

(45:00) X2 as a direct sequel to X.

(53:00) For a random sampling of levels, here's an X2 speedrun.

(1:07:00) Mega Man Rank 2!

Next time on Last Time, Fatal Fury!

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Episode 156: You Can Charge a Man a Lemon, but You Can't Make Him Eat [Mega Man IV]

Nothing says thrilling trilogy (thrillogy?!) quite like a fourth entry. Warp back into the fray to stop a crazy Russian man from making robots with derivative attacks capable of destroying small portions of the planet. Plus, you get new equipment! Sadly, that equipment is not Roll shooting things for you. Instead, it's a chargeable laser! We'll take it.

If you charge you download, it'll be 3 times as powerful!

Show Notes

(02:00) RWBY: Catgirl Adventures.

(06:15) The nine-tailed fox was always the master of many elements.   Just like our new best friend.

(11:30) Lara doesn't always have the best line delivery, but apparently that's not a problem new to the reboot.

(19:30) Tibia: it's a game, guys.  Kharsek reached level 999, which is the required level to open a door.  My pet theory is that the devs didn't actually put a level limit on it, and it's just permalocked.

(24:00) Human farmer necromancers!  Geremy's dwarves apparently fought zombie Saitama.  It was bound to happen.

(28:30) Dem mans.

(43:30) So... Russian.

(46:00) Charge up a ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards!

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Episode 141: Air Man's Revenge [Mega Man II]

Everyone loved metal blades, so why not put some of those in greyscale?  It can't be that much of a difference anyway.  Also, we should definitely add a jackhammer because people love construction!  Take a Rush Jet with us to the next installment of Sorta-Porting™ the Mega Man franchise to the Game Boy.  Did we mention metal blades?

Now mashing our last download and our next one together!

Show Notes

(01:10) Bloody mintberries.

(01:30) You should check out some Smash Flashes.

(05:00) If you haven't played Bravely Default yet and want to master all the classes, just wait until you get a level 9 Conjurer to do it.  They basically added endgame grinding mechanics.

(07:30) Talking about the technical difficulties of cross-platform development.

(14:00) Zach talks about Fates.

(24:30) Tsunderplanes.

(29:00) Go learn about Ultima.  It seems pretty sweetawesome.

(32:00) Mega Menz!  Also, this guy for some reason.

(42:00) Will this game achieve the coveted Lemon Medal?

Next time on Last Time, Sonic CD!

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Episode 84: Black And White Lemons [Mega Man GB]

Did you ever wish you could play Mega Man, but hated that stupid Guts Man? Dislike playing games in color? Love getting masses of weapons right at the end of the game? Well, you're in luck! This week, take your lemon cannon with us on the Blue Bomber's first foray onto a mobile platform.

Mirror download! (distinct from a download mirror)

Show Notes

(05:00) Hyrule Warriors is still looking pretty cool.

(10:00) Shadow of Mordor has gotten pretty good reviews.

(17:30) Zach's short review of Fallout: Tactics.

(20:00) Tales from the LCS.

(29:00) Mega Man!  It's a remarkably good game for the first Mega Man game on the GB, though it's pretty hard.

(31:20) The name of the beer is Tsingtao.  This note makes sense in context.

(34:45) Walrus Boss!  Also, if you like the "boss music" it plays, it's Break-A-Leg by RoccoW.  Also, the Fireman game Tyler mentioned.

(40:30) The special weapons seem more useful in this game than any other Mega Man.  Also, the super awesome Mirror Buster.

Next Time on Last Time, it's Sonic Chaos!  Also, maybe some control.

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Episode 74: Why Did It Have To Be Snake Man? [Mega Man 3]

What's better than Mega Man?  Sequels!  Maybe!  We're kinda split on that.  Find out whether we can just slide through this, or if it just needles us too much.

Our download has no weakness!

Show Notes

(03:00) Mana Khemia is great. Also, Payday 2.

(04:45) Geremy's take on Nintendo's E3.

(07:50)  X: A lot of monster combat for a mech game.

(08:50) Legend of Korra game!

(11:00) Mario Party 10 is a game where Bowser wins.

(12:30) Geremy's final thoughts on A Link Between Worlds.

(14:00) Some thoughts on Ocarina of Time.

(15:00) Zach finally beat the Elite 4.

(16:45) Zach finally played DOTA 2 and his comparison to League of Legends is not favorable for the former.

(23:00) Lackluster title screens.

(28:00) This game has no logical weaknesses, and 2 DIFFERENT CHAINS!  Seriously, boss weakness designers, you had one job!

(30:00) The introduction of Castlevania harems.

(31:20) The stages are a step up from MM2 in terms of theme.

(33:15) A new staple for the series: sliding!

(35:00) Proto Man, a testament to Dr. Light's creative names!

(38:30) The Doc Robot, your worst nightmare.

(43:00) Final thoughts: generally negative; it's got hardware problems, and isn't super consistent.

Next time on Last Time, join us on adventures with flightless angels in Kid Icarus!

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Episode 30: Future Robots Are Cool [Mega Man X]

This time around, we take a look at a classic that Geremy and Tyler won't stop talking about.  Zach dissents!  Really, it's about the same as usual, except it's Mega Man X!  And it's awesome, despite what certain curmudgeons say.

X!  Enter this pod to receive a sweet download!

(01:00) We've been playing videogames like it's an addiction!  On a related note, Cloud 9 is apparently awesome.

(04:20) Kazooie or Tooie?  You decide!  Also, the best 120 star time, distinct from the minimal run we mentioned.

(09:20) Future is cool.  Megami Tensei is crazy sprawling.  We talk about series vs. franchises for a bit.  Tyler tangents about an awesome game in that series for a bit.

(15:00) Camp meters would be amazing, especially for him.

(20:00) Norse mythology, fools!  Also, Mega Man X or something.  It's pretty!

(24:40) Awesome mechanics help make awesome games.  Wall jumping and dashing makes this almost not a Mega Man game.  Maybe some sort of X thing.

(28:00) Button mappings may or may not matter.

(33:00) Zach rants about game limitations and how they shouldn't exist.  The level he's talking about with the mace guys at the beginning is Boomer Kuwanger's.

(43:00) Tyler eats his words and admits to doing buster only runs of X.

(48:00) A bit of a tangent, but sections of games that mess with your normal control scheme: good or bad?

(51:30) Alternative takes on stories.  Also, we mention visual shorthand hinting at potential strategies.

Next time on Last Time, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber!  Tactical!

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Episode 24: Robots That Shoot Up [Mega Man 2]

At the top of a sky scraper (that we never actually see otherwise), a lone hero stands against the mechanized army of a mad man.  The blue bomber returns!  This time, Zach's on board as we take a look at the sequel to the first game we ever reviewed in a semi-public forum, kicking off sequel month.  Really, that's just an invitation for us to finally start playing some slightly newer games.

Mega Man can't do it, but you can shoot up our Download.

(00:30) Can you defeat Air Man?

(02:10) We play games!  Apparently, Tyler jumped the gun mentioning FTL last week.  Here's an articleMega Man X is fantasticRelated to AwakeningThe Movies is an interesting game.  Also, it occurs to me that we've never linked KoL.  Meat!  Fortune Street.  Seriously, guys.

(12:20) Geremy was wrong, Zach was right.  It's Deus Ex you can't play on a jailbroken device.

(17:20) What makes a good sequel?  Non-linear games are pretty cool, but that's not necessarily the way to go.

(26:00) Zach talks about Halo 2, and how it seems like a multiplayer only game.

(27:00) Difficulty levels in MM2!  The bosses are bossy.

(28:30) We talk a bit about the level designs.  Should insta-death ever be a thing.  Let us know!

(30:00) Metal Man and Air Man are really the only well-themed stages.

(32:30) Are boss rushes a valid game design?

(35:10) Stupid platform section.

(37:30) Apparently, he was based on Santa Claus.

(43:00) Why would you listen to Proto Man?!

(46:30) Mega Man II is better.  Also, what we think would have helped this one.

(50:30) Final thoughts.

Next time, whip it.  Whip it... for more hearts!  It's Castlevania II.

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Bonus Episode 1: Mega Man


Taking the Fear the Boot route, we're making bonus episodes mostly unedited.  There's still a profanity filter, but other than that, it's dangerous territory.  I'd recommend listening to another episode first if this is your first one.  At this point, I suggest Episode 10.


Geremy and Tyler utilize Zach's absence this week to replay Mega Man and record our talking about it! Tyler was going to Germany the week after, so we needed something to fill in for Excitebike.  Fun times!

Download if you like shooting lemons!

(02:50) How got started on this endeavor.  Spoilers: it didn't start as a podcast.

(04:40) Cool story, bros.

(07:15) Plugging our contact info!

(13:05) Mega Man!  Pew pew!

(18:00) Our first Mega Games.

(26:00) Life is a super valuable commodity.  Also, points!

(28:00) TL;DNL: Mega Man is fun!

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