Mortal Kombat

Episode 104: The Most Boring Possible Death [Mortal Kombat]

This week, we're talking about some competitive game scenes, and they're not Mortal Kombat!  There's a smattering of 3DS related fun, and plenty of LoL, because of course there is.  Can you survive the frosty snub of not being invited to a ninja's garden party?  No?  Then GET OVER HERE!


Show Notes

(02:00) Despite what Tyler said, Jormungandr is considered an ouroboros.

(03:00) The Dex is pretty amusing.  Seriously, that cry mimic is hilarious.

(05:30) Apparently aMSa is coming for the Smash title.  Again.  Yoshiyoshi!  Fighting game announcers are still ridiculous.

(07:00) All sorts of competitive game problems recently.

(09:45) New Street Pass games if you hadn't heard.

(11:30) Reddit has a sub for everything.  Gotta go fast!

(15:45) Hearthstone adventures!

(26:45) MORTAL KOMBAT!  It... kinda sucks.  Newer MK entries definitely did better by adding character variety.

(37:00) Terrible news, everyone!  A Pac-Man movie with Adam Sandler!

(37:45) The rankings continue!  Pac-Man, its successor, Dig Dug, and Mega Man 3 all get added to the list.

Next time on Last Time, Half-Life!  Silence is golden.

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