Mu La Flaga

Phase 33: Athrun's No Good Very Bad Day

Secret Agent Mu-man returns with dire information for the Archangel, just late enough to be useless! The crew, meanwhile, is preparing to take its collective last breath. But what’s this? A bird? A plane? A multi-billion dollar government secret project? That’s right, it’s Kira! All your (white) base are belong to him, as he declares himself a sovereign nation because nukes.

Phase 32: Neither Boners Alone...

Sometimes, all you need is the right motivation to do something amazing. In Kira’s case, that’s preventing all of his friends from dying painful deaths! Join us in watching a boy become a man, but also a man with some still pretty… well, idealistic ideals. However, he has a giant nuke robot (spoilers!) to help him achieve those goals. Also, the crew of the Archangel parts ways, and Yzak gets a promotion (to his new album, obvo).

Phase 31: Trial By Liar

Now that the Archangel has finally landed and everyone’s had some time to decompress, everything’s going to go swimmingly, right? Well, Murrue’s getting court-martialed, Kira’s being mopey, and Yzak is smoldering, so it’s pretty much business as usual. Now, if only we could see about getting Dearka some more guards.

Phase 29: Should've Taken a Space Whale

In the aftermath of last episode’s epic battle, everyone’s dealing with the shock and loss. Also Kuzzey’s there. But not everything’s going poorly! New romances are blooming, Mu gets to practice being the impulsive one, and death appears to be only a minor inconvenience!

Phase 16: Love Punch

This episode sees the return of Cagalli! Again! We also get Mu about to become James Bond, Kira being angsty and fighty about being angsty, and Flay being… well, Flay. In case it’s not clear, we love Flay Lannister. Also, some tacto-babble with the Desert Dawn sets us up for the next episode as Andrew “Folgers” Waltfeld reluctantly takes arms. Emotions are high even as the Archangel is grounded!

Phase 10: Dang It, Mu La Flaga: The Guy I Hate!

We made it 10 episodes in, and finally, we hit an episode that's all kill no filla.  Instead of talking about a super old movie, Geremy mentions he's watching the now old Iron Blooded Orphans, which he never finished, and how everyone in the cast seems to have taken a level in rogue.  Except Flay who just takes a level in rogue.  Plus, a panty shot, and more arguments about the morality of hostage taking!  Maybe I should have lead with that.  Also, we announce our contest winners!  Don't miss it!