Episode 210: Splatterhouse

It's the spook-spook-spookiest time of the year!

Join us on a quest through a madhouse, full of things that go splat!  Don the mask of the season, and pick up your preferred weapon (a large stick), and wade through the hordes of seasonal enemies.  Featuring such terrors as... spiky turtles, chained up zombies, and leech... things.  Festive!

Episode 177: Battleship, In Space! [Metal Marines]

Nothing says "thrilling mech warfare" like building a single, non-reusable launch pad for a mech, then mostly letting it sit there while you pepper your opponent with missiles.  That said, upgrading to a shiny golden form is definitely on the thrilling side of the spectrum, so it might balance out in the end.  Join us in our fight to stop a vague villainous threat from being menacing in our general direction, and see whether our AA screen is tight enough.

Missile straight to the download!

Show Notes

(07:30) I was trying to find a good video on Pokéball seals, but the first video was terrible, and the quality just got worse, so have a video about awful balls.

(14:30) It's a cooking fun time.

(18:00) Heroes of flame symbols.

(24:00) Orca looks much scarier than I had imagined.

(29:00) I love the swinginess of this game, but the art on some of these cards...

(32:30) Kado.

(40:00) No, no one wants to be your mommy.  Unlike poor Cubone, and its horrible fate revealed in the Sun entry.

(42:00) MARINES!  They do not get upgraded to level 2.

Next time on Last Time, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars!

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Episode 82: Fightin' Ufoes [Galaga and Asteroids]

Once again tackling two arcade titles, we now venture into space!  Apparently, all ships in videogame space are triangular to improve their aerodynamics.  While that doesn't help you fly through space, maybe it lets people hear you scream better?  I suppose if your exhaust is funneled behind you...  At any rate, come break rocks into smaller rocks and shoot endless hordes of space bugs with us!

Our download breaks into pieces then carries itself off.

Show Notes

(01:30) For the interested, 8-bit Crazy Train and 8-bit Ghostbusters.

(02:10) Not that it's a surprise, but the Super Sm4sh demo is fun, and the full version comes out tomorrow as of this post.  Hadouken!  It's a bit awkward on the 3DS, leaving us to think the Wii U is the better platform for it.

(06:50) Hyrule Warriors is out, apparently.

(9:30) Mojang has been sold for 2.5 billion U.S.D..  Fear the oncoming Minecraft 2.  Speaking of which, Minetest is the opensource C++ clone.

(18:00) We discuss how Microsoft is likely going to monetize Minecraft.

(26:20) League of Legends championship!

(33:00) Asteroids lets you fight rocks and ufoes!  While fun, the sounds are a bit distracting.

(38:00) Galaga's pretty fun, kids!

Next time on Last Time, we kick of Mobile Month with Super Mario Land!

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Episode 73: Maze Munchies [Pac-Man & Dig Dug]

Travel with us back to the magical land of the early 1980s.  Gaze upon the flocks of people standing at arcade machines.  See there!  A yellow disc is consuming small white pellets while being pursued by specters.  And there!  A... smurf?  Is inflating dragons until they explode?  I don't even...  Well, at least one of these was an arcade classic; we'll let you decided which.

The trick to getting the download is to wait until the last second to inflate the power pellet.

(00:45) Abusing editorial powers.

(01:15) Payday 2 is a fun game.

(05:30) The Elite Four and a Spiritomb.

(08:00) Yomi, the fighting game card game.

(11:00) League news.

(14:00) Geremy's learning things at Smogon.

(20:25) Playing games for score.  Stairfax!

(27:00) Gluttony: the game.

(30:30) Ghost behaviors.

(36:00) Dig Dug's a game about digging.  And Dugging.

(38:00) Pac-Man as tag.

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man 3!

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