Episode 213: Pocky and Rocky with Becky

Ever wonder what ancient tanuki got up to?  Apparently, the answer is "hang out with adorable priestesses and learn shinto demon banishing techniques".  Also, destroy a lot of paper in pursuit of those two hobbies.  Thankfully, this game is true enough to its cutesy aesthetic that things never get to rocky, so you could probably be nomming some pocky while you're playing.  Also, something about Becky.

Episode 209: Harvest Moon 64

Sometimes, you just need to kick back and let the turnips grow.  Specifically, when you have no other crops or animals, and have really exhausted all the stuff to do around town.  There's always the bar, though, not to mention a pile of fun townsfolk to hang out with.  Look into your heart... become the legendary philanderer farmer you were meant to be!

Episode 69: Robocowboys, Yeehaw! [Wild Guns]

Like every good sci-fi story that takes a look at colonizing other planets (especially dust ol' Mars), the first thing society does is revert back to Old West style land grabs, claim jumpers, and space-rail barons. When the rich decide to use their automated army and a horde of goons to oppress the poor spaceminers, though, it's up to two spacegunslinging space cowboys to take down the entire army armed with nothing but ion lassos and their inexplicably modular guns. Also, some cleavage doesn't hurt.

See you next time, Space Download.

(01:00) Last Time, your FTL podcast.

(03:00) Semi-spoiler: Zach's thoughts on SC2's story.

(04:10) Crusader Kings II is an awesome game for people who don't afraid of spies!  Also, it has a Game of Thrones mod.  I'm sad there are no Oberon/Oberyn mashups.

(09:30) Strike Vector: only vaguely similar to FreeSpace 2, and way harder.

(11:00) Not quite the shipping Geremy was talking about, but I will accept Sailor Venus fighting the Green Ranger to the death on a Street Fighter III stage.  This video is so oddly specific, I have no idea how it exists.  Thanks, M.U.G.E.N.!

(11:30) DEFCON is pretty great, if simple, though it might be Tyler's lack of skill at RTS speaking here.

(14:30) Pot jokes!

(15:00) Talkin' about our LCS league.

(17:30) A rundown of the basic mechanics of Wild Guns.  Points do stuff (100,000 is another life).  Annie loves hitting on the dudes.

(24:00) Apparently, this game is just Cowboy Bebop.  Obviously.

(32:00) Final thoughts: worth a play if it's ever on sale for under $5.

Next time on Last Time, Shock Troopers!

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Episode 52: The Jokes Write Themselves [S. C. A. T.]

Get to the... spinny death laser things! Two agents, taking on an entire alien invasion force from a civilization with markedly more advanced technology? No problem; we've got the 80s on our side!

Press A to lock your download in place!

Show Notes

(01:00) Would you believe it's been one entire year of regular episodes?  We reminisce a bit.

(04:30) Colosseum, the game where it's finally acceptable to steal Pokemon.  Also, Rosalina.

(05:30) We kvetch about Arkham: Origins a bit.  We're not the only ones with that opinion, though.

(06:30) Starwhal's in Early Access on Steam!  Tyler rambles about the changes from the demo so far.

(09:30) Talking about League, we mention a recent study about Internet trolls.

(11:45) Be careful where you tread; it's worth watching, though.

(13:00) This is a thing, and it makes me happy.

(15:00) Geremy talks about the current gen Pokemon trading system.

(18:00) Titanfall looks pretty good if you're into shooters and mechs.

(22:00) Start Citizen's dogfighting is coming "soon."

(23:30) Teenage mutant... hero... turtles?

(24:30) S.C.A.T. has voices in spots and is a shooter.

(26:10) Stop! It's sexy time!

(27:30) Rotating satellites are pretty awesome in shooters.

(34:00) Feedback is really important, and this game lacks it a bit.

Next time on Last Time, Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

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Episode 3: Farming Under the Light of a Harvest Moon [Harvest Moon]

You ever get the feeling you'd be better off growing potatoes and corn on you grandfather's abandoned farm to become a millionaire?  No?  Well, in case you have, you can live out that dream in Harvest Moon, everyone's favorite farming/dating/life simulator!  This seems to be a game that everyone has heard of, but few have actually played.  Is it worth trying?  Give us a listen and find out!

A quick note, this was the first one we recorded on Geremy's computer, so the sound quality was... questionable.


(0:23) The First Games we ever played.

(2:26) Harvest Moon 64, and Geremy’s obsession with it.

(3:30) Why Farm Chore Simulator is fun.

(5:30) Harvest Moon

(8:10) A Hard Day’s Night, time limits in Harvest Moon.

(9:26) The Goals of Harvest Moon

(10:00) Girls!  (In Harvest Moon.)

(11:15) The Not-Girls in Harvest Moon.

(12:40) The flaws of Harvest Moon
(14:40) Multiple Endings!

(15:50) The Golden (Easter) Egg.

(20:20) Best parts of Harvest Moon

(21:16) And the worst parts.

(24:50) Reward structures in Video Games.

(33:30) We talk about Hex Empire.  If you’d like to play it, it can be found here.

Next week, Metroid!  A way better aliens game than Aliens: Colonial Marines.,,,
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