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Episode 258: Mega Man 5

Before there was Call of Duty every year, there was Mega Man every year, the shooter of the late 80s/early 90s. What new, exciting Mans will the Blue Bomber face this time? What face will Zach make when he hears about the weakness chart? And who could possibly be behind the wave of robot related crime this year? Listen to find out!

Episode 257: Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Did you ever went fast? Did you ever went so fast that you created a kind of bad game with awful level design that doesn’t actually let you go fast at all? Did you ever went so fast you met an echidna who was kind of a jerk and you felt should really be a playable character for some reason? Did you ever went so fast you started to realize maybe Sonic was never good at all and Sonic 2 was just a huge fluke? In this weeks episode, we went fast.

Episode 246: Uforia The Saga

What is a saga? A trilogy of trilogies? A battle against a fierce villain that takes at least 50 episodes? A long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or Old Icelandic? Or just falling into a hole with your friends and trying to get out? Listen to this week’s episode and find out!

Episode 231: Ninja Gaiden II

Like so many action heroes in the 90s, Ryu finds himself with another acute case of kidnapped girlfriend. Because of secret ninja things, he can't just call the cops, so he sets out to rescue her himself. Also, there's something about an enchanted sword? I dunno? Follow our shozoku-clad friend as he explores Dracula's- I mean the city. That the evil warlord is in. With legally distinct subweapon mechanics!

Episode 229: Dragon Quest II

You know what the world needs? More "stairs". We're back with the second installment of the beloved Dragon Questior franchise, now featuring party members! Step, once more, into a somewhat generic plot, and follow our inexplicable begoggled heroes on a dangerous quest to become the warriors of light and vanquish the forces of evil. What I will give this game is a lack of fetch-quest-for-plot, and it does have a delightful princess "rescue" scene. How will it fare in the fields of Ranking, though?! Find out on this episode of Toriyama Drew the Concept Art!

Episode 222: Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3

Sometimes, the world just needs an exterminator. Definitely, the world needs fewer wasps, and no moving slime ropes. Explore the epic saga of the Donkeys Kong with us, and experience the travails imposed upon the majestic apes by various handymen. Unfortunately, no one involved is competent. Unless exterminating is not Stanley's day job?

Episode 200: Well, That Was Anticlimactic [Adventure Island]

We seem to be running into a lot of these "we didn't get the license so let's just call it something else" games in our queue recently.  Journey back with us through the dimensional wormhole that was the NES/Master System war, and witness the birth of a hero.  Golf Guy, the only Guy whose super-thing is Golf, sets out on a quest to avenge his parents after they were killed by a bad slice.  He and his companion, Caddy Kid, will stop at nothing to end the golf-themed threats of The Eagle!  What do you mean that's not the plot?

Also, Episode 200!

Quick, to the Golf Download!

Show Notes

(02:30) I listened to some of Journey Into Misery.  It's definitely worth a listen.

(03:30) Explaining the road trip game often played when Tyler's driving.

(08:30) Oh, Uncharted.

(12:30) MFL fantasy teams would be so much more interesting.

(18:30) A sweet jacket in the name of the stars.

(25:40) The aptly named Team Red Shirt.

(50:00) If you've got some time to kill, the top 8 in Gundam Versus from EVO.

(52:30) Finally getting around to the game.  You might say it's Adventure (Island) Time!  Young Master Higgins and his sweet baseball cap.

(58:45) Crack an egg, get a rank.

Next time on Last Time, Mario 64 DS!

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Episode 196: Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself? [Final Fantasy 2]

Finally, the ultimate entry in an unfortunately truncated series!  Oh, nevermind.  There are apparently, like, 20 more of these floating about.  Oh, well.  Join a team of beleaguered youths fighting against a dystopian empire in order to save their ragtag rebellion, which is conveniently based out of well-known and well-funded country of sympathizers.  This time, your stats are directly affected by your actions, so that sets it apart a bit from other entries in the series.  Grinding has rarely been so entertaining!

Download more to increase your Bandwidth skill.

Show Notes

(01:00) A tangent about other FF games.

(09:45) Talking about the difficulty (or lack thereof) in Pokémon games.

(14:30) Gunpoint is witty, intriguing, and challenging.

(16:45) "Tactical Stealth Operations"

(24:30) Monado boiz

(25:30) Brave Exvius is apparently the mobile FF game.  Also, DO NOT play the phone port of FFII.  It's garbage, and whoever ported it should feel bad.

(29:00) For the spoonily lacking.

(30:00) We spend a bit going over the GBA/NES differences, such as how stats are not inversely tied to each other in newer versions.

(38:00) Gordon.  Also, teaching Tyler the true meaning of shanghai.  More ProZD surprisingly relevant to Leila.

(49:00) Did this game get hit in the face enough to achieve max rank?

(56:30) None of Geremy's assessments about Secret Command are accurate.  Run!

Next time on Last Time, Secret Command!

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Episode 190: Not Enough Bombs and Too Many Jacks [Mighty Bomb Jack]

Nothing can stand up to your mighty bombs!  Wait... That's Bomberman.  Bomb Jack mostly... jumps.  And opens treasure chests.  A true hero for the ages.  Wade through exceedingly random enemies while collecting either bombs or treasure chests, depending on the current flavor, and avoid... the Torture Room.  Unless you're into that.

The first coin gets you sweet shades, and the second coin gets you a download!

Show Notes

(02:15)  The Steam value calculator Tyler mentioned, with his account as a sample.  Damn you, Star Wars bundle!  And Humble Bundles!

(05:45) Some regular ol' Gurumin.

(08:30) Zach's initial thoughts on Super Robot Wars OG: The Moondwellers.

(16:00) The first of, presumably, many ill-advised purchases. Very ill-advised.

(27:00) Geremy's thoughts on his second attempt at Persona 5.

(32:00) Persona 3 yourself.

(46:00) Gratuitous?

(48:00) Mighty Bomb Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa Opa!

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Episode 184: Woah. I Know Kung Fu. [Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll]

Embark on an epic kung fu odyssey to avenge your master.  Juan, truly the best teacher, wrote all of his secrets down on scrolls, but never gave any to his only student, Ryuhi.  When they all get stolen, Ryuhi finds the best scroll, like no scroll ever was, and goes on a killing spree to get the other ones back.  Righteous!

Dragon download straight to the face!

Show Notes

(01:30) Legit promotional material put out for Kung Fu Panda.

(03:00) Probably the BTAS episode Geremy's talking about.

(04:15) Justice League vs. BTAS. Mr. Sims rants about how got the intro is.

(15:00) Fox fun!

(18:00) I'm not linking Galgun again.  You have Google.

(25:00) Because Fire Emblem needs more bunnies.

(34:30) Not dying is hard.

(42:00) The ZeRo match Tyler was talking about, if you can stand ZeRo's voice.

(37:45) Not our poll, but we should contribute to SCIENCE! Pick the best Starburst.

(53:00) Kung Fu Time!

(1:02:00) How does this game rank up?

Next time on Last Time, Wonder Boy in Monster Land!

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Episode 166: Three Dragons Aren't Better than Two [Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones]

Never before have Bimmy and Jimmy™ been capable of such great flying throws.  Be in awe of their ability to... be hit from slightly above, but be unable to throw a punch diagonally, so then you get stunlocked and...  Anyway, the two dragon warriors are at it again to save their apparently not dead girlfriend from the clutches of some sort of crime boss.  Also, to avenge their master.  Sadly, jumpkicking remains the best available strategy.

Triple the double download!

Next time on Last Time, Psychonauts!

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Episode 164: He Shoots-- [Soccer]

Despite being the world's most popular sport (followed by cricket?!), there are surprisingly few soccer games.  What can be a better starting place than one that gets right to the point and says it like it is?  Dribbling on a square grid and controlling two players on defense at once can't be that bad, right?

Offside your way to a download.

Show Notes

(01:00) Vuves.

(02:00) Yeah, not really any new ships.

(08:00) 7 days to lol.

(13:40)  Lucha chickens.

(16:00) Wrestle with speed!  Still not as fast as the current record holder, though.  A number of glitches have popped up, apparently.

(22:00) Savage Resurrection really underwhelms.

(24:00) Who doesn't like hitting things with swords?

(34:30) Time travel!

(38:00) Button woes and blocks.

(45:00) Does this game make the goal?

Next time on Last Time, Paper Mario!

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Episode 156: You Can Charge a Man a Lemon, but You Can't Make Him Eat [Mega Man IV]

Nothing says thrilling trilogy (thrillogy?!) quite like a fourth entry. Warp back into the fray to stop a crazy Russian man from making robots with derivative attacks capable of destroying small portions of the planet. Plus, you get new equipment! Sadly, that equipment is not Roll shooting things for you. Instead, it's a chargeable laser! We'll take it.

If you charge you download, it'll be 3 times as powerful!

Show Notes

(02:00) RWBY: Catgirl Adventures.

(06:15) The nine-tailed fox was always the master of many elements.   Just like our new best friend.

(11:30) Lara doesn't always have the best line delivery, but apparently that's not a problem new to the reboot.

(19:30) Tibia: it's a game, guys.  Kharsek reached level 999, which is the required level to open a door.  My pet theory is that the devs didn't actually put a level limit on it, and it's just permalocked.

(24:00) Human farmer necromancers!  Geremy's dwarves apparently fought zombie Saitama.  It was bound to happen.

(28:30) Dem mans.

(43:30) So... Russian.

(46:00) Charge up a ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards!

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Episode 155: High School Gang Simulator [River City Ransom]

Nothing says high school like roving bands of delinquents ruling the streets and banding together based on themed names. Well, at least not in Japan, that is. Here, people can just kidnap innocent girls and hide them in the farthest room to the right, and the only way to afford text books is to punch your enemies so hard they explode into bus fare. Still not sure what the ransom was, though...

Download so hard you earn money?!

Show Notes

(02:00) Your trap card isn't activated!

(05:30) Are good at drawing?  Now you can summon monsters!  Unless they're not a creative color.

(12:30) Marie best girl.

(15:00) Talking about some technical problems with Pokémon GO.  It's now Marco without the Polo.  These problems are, or course, distinct from the design problems.

(29:45) Melee at EVO 2016 was poofy.

(31:00) Nash players rock.

(32:30) Legend of Legacy sounds cool, but is kinda mediocre.

(42:30) Gerem, the revered high school brawler, takes to the streets.  Take that, The Generic Dudes!  It's pretty shiny for a beat 'em up.

(50:00) Beaten to death with rankings.

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man IV!

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Episode 154: Dragon Quest Warrior Z [Dragon Quest]

Those are some pretty threatening slimes, and that scorpion has never seemed tougher...  Must be time to level grind!  Geremy has often described the motivation for this game as recreating the arduous experience of climbing a mountain, and it certainly delivers.  Prepare your thumb for some button mashing that even Final Fantasy has a hard time competing with, because this is going to take a while.


Show Notes

(04:00) Ah, the classics.

(09:30) Zach killed a snake.

(15:00) Too much power!  Which is why you should always have a cup.

(16:30) Pokemon GO was a thing when we recorded this.  Is it still?

(48:00) Rank up the mountain!

Next time on Last Time, River City Ransom!

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Episode 153: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! [Golf]

Never before have we seen Mario engaging in such intense action!  Carefully choosing clubs!  Lining up shots!  Keeping those shoulders straight!  Obviously, he was practicing way before inviting everyone else to play with him so that he would have a competitive advantage.  This is one of the earliest golf games, and it even includes dubiously effective wind!

Double tap right before the download to make the green.

Next time on Last Time, Dragon Quest!

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