Episode 168: @#^! Off, Flipper [Ecco The Dolphin]

The dolphin: sleek, majestic, and one of the most popular animals in the mid-90s.  It's hard to think of another animal that rivaled the popularity of our aquatic mammalian friends, and that's probably the reason this game exists.  Also, extraterrestrials, because why not?  Too bad all these keys make a door.

Echolocate right over to our download.

Show Notes

(02:30) Yeah, the Genesis sure was a system, guys.

(05:30) Everyone's favorite Mega Sauyan, Gurko.

(07:10) Drifters actually looks pretty sweet, but it's obviously the same animation team as Hellsing.

(11:00) Really quickly, this is the opening we got.  The travesty!

(14:20) Yay mechs.

(17:00) Not the game we thought it was, but there are a lot of adorable rabbit people.

(19:00) There have apparently been a couple ShinTen anime.

(21:30) Talking about some things we want to see in Sun/Moon (they largely came true!).

(23:00) A better dolphin world.

(25:00) Dr. Stranger.  Also, more ridiculous doctoring.

(28:00) So, dolphin time.  This game has a really weird plot.

(41:00) Here's a speedrun.  It's more amusing than the game was intended to be.

(44:00) Pay attention to the games used as arguments for the Genesis.

(45:30) Turns out dolphins don't survive at great depths, which is where this one fell.

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong!  The other one.

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