Phantasy Star

Episode 160: As You Know, You're Listening To Episode 160 of LTOVG [Phantasy Star II]

As you know, this game is about being in a world where some monsters are running around.  Because you've played this before, it should be no surprise that you and your catgirlfriend need to go stop that nonsense.  I, the podcast summary writer, am directing you to listen to this.

A download slightly more useful than a catgirlfriend.

Show Notes

(04:20) And then the Zulu nation attacked.

(11:00) Basically our weekend.

(15:00) Well, excuuuse me, princess!  You don't know what you're minishing.

(17:00) Stranger Things has such good music, guys.

(18:30) Scythe seems super cool.

(22:00) JRPG music.  Some's better than others.

(24:00) Phantasy Star II has easily the worst example of As You Know I've ever seen.  At least Nei is cool?  Also some lameass attempt at villain justification.

(30:00) Ugh, the combat.  TPKs are super problematic due to the fact that multiple rounds will pass.

(41:00) On the list, I suppose.

Next time on Last Time, Lords of the Realm II!

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Episode 13: "F" is for Fun, but "Ph" is for Phantasy Star [Phantasy Star]

Apparently this game is revered as a classic.  It certainly has classical game aesthetics.  Is it truly worthy of that title, though?  Hack n' slash your way through the futuristic bugbears of the Internet, and hear what we have to say about it!

Download the future here!

(00:30) That one segment we do where we talk about what we've been playing.

(06:40) Setting goals in games and how this relates to intentional obfuscation in games.

(13:20) We finally start talking about Phantasy Star.  In good form, we start with an apology.

(15:30) The plot hook!  Also some setting... I guess?  It's got good art direction!

(18:20) Combat and how you can't direct attacks.

(21:30) The economy of retries.

(24:45) Plot investment, or lack thereof.  This finally loops back around to our obfuscation rambling.

(29:05) Random encounters, outside of combat mechanics.  What constitutes grinding as opposed to normal progression.

(32:30) We talk about what's good in this game.  It's pretty and a bit snarky.

(37:30) The end of Zach's pledge!

Next week, we're bad enough dudes to shoot space zombie-demons.  Doom, the DOS classic, is available on everything, so grab yourself a copy and suit up!

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