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Episode 107: I'm Gonna Be Viscount of the Pirates [The Secret of Monkey Island]

We talk a lot about books this week, which might be appropriate given that the game is loosely based on Treasure Island.  Loosely.  They both have pirates!  Also, a lot of Attack on Titan shows up, which, sadly, lacks pirates.

This download?  I don't see anything special about it.

Show Notes

(02:20) Smash puny titans!

(03:20) Ever want to ride a coaster where you're eaten by a giant homunculus?  Now you can!  The 3DS game is sadly not the flash game.

(07:00) Blackjack gets screwed over a lot.

(09:00) I have no thumbs and I must game.

(20:00) We played the Splatoon Test Fire.  It's fun!

(30:00) It's a secret to monkeys!  It's also mildly convoluted.

(44:00) Poor Mac.

(44:30) Rankings!  Kick off with Legend of Kage.  Boom boom Galaga.  Blocks of Asteroids!

Next time on Last Time, it's super city trouble with Sim City 2000!

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