Prince of Persia

Episode 230: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

There once was a gallant prince. Handsome, charming, and possessed of amazing acrobatic abilities, he saved the day and won the heart of the princess. Wait, no, that's too trite. Let's try again. There once was a prince. Wanting to prove that he was gallant, he made a grave error. This led to him doing some really cool parkour fighting and having witty banter while trying to defeat Ja... the evil vizier. Also, time daggers.

Episode 50: We Apologize for the Audio Quality... And Also the Game Quality [Prince of Persia]

This week, we play our first rotoscoped game.  A daring adventure through dungeons and against undead, sure to excite!  Now, if only the controls weren't so obtuse.  At least we have Ed with us this episode to help make the game somewhat bearable.

Also, there are a lot of bump noises on this one because we had Ed on our makeshift mic stand that Alex rigged up for our Animal Crossing episode.  That stand is actually a "bottle of alcohol and shot glass" holder, so it's not super steady.  Sorry 'bout that.

You can't download halfway through taking a step.

(00:50) We introduce Ed, while Tyler, who blames a temporal anomaly, forgot to introduce himself.

(03:00) Ed talks about Wolf Among Us.

(07:00) We talk about Pokémon for a while, because it's us.

(18:00) Some LoL talk.  (Editors Note: Still us.)

(21:30) SCP, guys.  It's pretty distracting, and not as useful for connecting to other computers as one would think.

(24:00) Fire Emblem: Awakening shipping.

(30:00) Story of the most recent Eve catastrophe.

(45:00) We start off this week's game with it's mechanics.

(49:00) Sands of Time!

(53:30) This game was going to be an Apple exclusive.  Yes, early Apple computers were top tier gaming machines.

(55:30) Prince of Persia is pretty bad.  Pretty unanimous "skip."

Next time on Last Time, it's X-Com: Enemy Unknown!  The original, in case you were curious.

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